Tuesday, November 03, 2020

Something to Dance About

Woke late this morning to a gorgeous, sunny, still-windy day. I was reading The Phantom of the Opera in bed when the cell phone jangled. Rose told me she and Finley were coming over to get their house key back. I quickly put the book aside and changed out of my pajamas.

I just finished putting up my hair when they knocked on my door. Rose handed me a cute "trick or treat" bag with a gift to thank me for taking care of their kitties. They gave me an adorable Hershey's Kiss-shaped oven mitt! I loved it. Apparently, Hershey Lodge had an indoor mini-water park and far more activities for families (including an arcade room where Khai spent most of his time) than Hershey Park, which she claimed barely gave away any candy on their "Dark In the Park" trail. Her kids have a hard time getting on rides together too because of their differences in size. Khai can no longer fit in many of the kiddie rides Finley loves, and Finley won't ride alone. 

Finley was happier playing with the Cabbies and my rag dolls Anne and Rainbow Brite in my bedroom. She really loved curling up in my bed with all my blankets and stuffed animals, too! She even pulled off her shoes and socks. Rose really had to talk her into going home for a nap.

Finally had breakfast while watching a quick Three Stooges short. Shemp, Moe, and Larry are "Three Dark Horses" when they're chosen by a pair of politicians to vote for their nominee. When they learn that the guy is corrupt (and the other nominee is offering more money), they change their votes.

Put on Happy Days while cleaning up from breakfast. Richie decides he doesn't like Ike in the second-season episode "The Not-Making of the President." Inspired by a girl he has a crush on, he's campaigning for democratic nominee Adelai Stevenson instead. Mr. Cunningham is a big Republican and a fan of Eisenhower and is shocked, but he eventually discovers that not everyone in the family has to share his opinion.

Cleaned the bathroom while Match Game '77 was on. A slow but sassy older contestant traded jokes with Gene and the panel and seemed to enjoy herself, even though she lost, on the first episode, while Richard reveals he's been adopted by a girls' high school. The second (which was apparently rare until it turned up on Buzzr last year) had the panel arguing over whether Brett's "I've got a headache" answer was an appropriate match with "Not now."

Since I'm still washing towels and blankets along with regular clothes, I decided I'd do the laundry twice this week. Threw the towels and any clothes I wore over the weekend, including my work clothes, into the wash shortly after Match Game ended. Cleaned the kitchen, vacuumed, took out the trash, and had lunch while watching Call Me Madam. I go further into one of the few times Ethel Merman got to recreate one of her signature roles on film at my Musical Dreams Movie Reviews blog.

Did the dishes, took down the Halloween decorations, and put up what I have for Thanksgiving (including all those stuffed dolls and turkeys Jodie gave me a while back) while Tattletales was on. Cheeky Gary Burghoff and his sweet wife Janet were the big winners today, over older couples Amanda Blake and her gruff then-husband Frank Gilbert and the long-married Gene and Helen Rayburn. Later talk show host Jenny Jones was the big winner on Press Your Luck, picking up two vacations and no Whammies. 

After I got all of the laundry back to my side of the house, I did a little writing. Richard and Gene are dueling with the crew of the Hollywood Squares to steal the treasure they stole from a wealthy ship. Captain Peter Marshall would get the drop on them, but they're missing their third officer, Second Mate Brett Somers...

Broke for dinner at 6:30. Opted for a simple all-American meal of baked chicken and roasted Brussels sprouts and sweet potatoes while watching Match Game '74. Gene and Richard fend off plenty of jokes when a question asks what Gene did to Richard that made the audience cheer (and Richard yell at the end!). Bill Daily is even more nervous than usual when he has to answer a 20,000 dollar question at the end of Match Game PM

Started chocolate chip cookies while Sale of the Century was on. Their "End of the Summer Bash" finished on a high note with a close race between a Philly honor student, an award-winning artist, and a debate team president. Though the kids were all pretty close through most of the game, the artist picked up the Instant Cash and an Instant Bargain trip, barely forged ahead in the Speed Round, and easily won the Bonus Round. She didn't have nearly as much luck winning the grand prize jeep, which finally went to the basketball player from earlier in the week.

Threw on Remember WENN while pulling the cookies out of the oven. Hilary Booth and Jeff Singer make "Strange Bedfellows" when they run against each other for city council. WENN manager Scott Sherwood is hoping to promote their appearance in a big debate, but a humble former baseball player may steal their thunder. 

Finished the night after a shower online with more politics-themed sitcom episodes. The fifth and sixth seasons of Benson are currently running on The Roku Channel. Benson's "Campaign" for Lieutenant-Governor isn't going well. The public isn't familiar with him, he has no money, and he angrily turns away funds from a supporter (Dick Sargent) who expects favors in return. The owner of several major radio and TV stations is more supportive of his views and finally gets his name out there, enough to really make a dent in "The Election."

In the third season of The Bob Newhart Show, Emily (Suzanne Pleshette) is tired of the head of the school board ignoring the teachers' demands and never showing up for meetings. She and another teacher convince Bob to run for his position. Trouble is, no amount of jingles like "Think Smartly-Vote for Hartley" Carol (Marcia Wallace) invents or his dentist (Peter Bonerz) trying to polish his image can make him really come off as a forceful candidate. Even so, it looks like he may be a lock...until the head of the school board finally returns. 

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