Friday, November 13, 2020

Spooks and Spirits on Friday the 13th

Began a dark and damp Friday the 13th with breakfast and a spooky episode of Remember WENN. "The Ghost of WENN" seems to be stalking radio drama actress Hilary Booth around the studio, leaving a stuffed albatross, rope, and cranberry jelly as gifts and whispering her name in the halls. Hilary insists on holding a séance to get to the bottom of this unearthly radio spirit. Meanwhile, announcer and character actor Mackie Bloom is worried that the script they're performing is jinxed...and he may be its next victim. 

Switched over to Buzzr after the show ended. Mindy Cohn of The Facts of Life and Jamie Farr of MASH were the celebrities on Body Language this morning. Mindy didn't do badly for her young man, but that young lady was just darn good at guessing. She's been the winner for the past few days. She came back to win the regular rounds, then picked up 7,000 on the Bonus Round. 

Blockbusters started with a mother-son duo who'd already won a considerable amount. The just kept on winning, blasting through the Gold Rush bonus round...but had a tougher time with the next contestant, a young man. They were into the second round when the episode ended.

Worked on writing after the show ended. Charles tells Gene he saw Richard at the Navy yards in New York when they were on leave, near the officer's quarters. Gene insists Richard is free to do whatever he likes when he's on leave, but Charles is still worried. He says he'll keep an eye on Richard while he's onboard.

Broke for lunch at 1. Ate and got ready for work while watching Ghost Chasers. In this Bowery Boys comedy, Slip (Leo Gorcey) makes use of gentle Whitey's (Billy Bennedict) obsession with spiritualism and mediums to flush out a phony medium who is bilking lonely older women in their neighborhood. Meanwhile, Sach (Huntz Hall) befriends a real ghost (Lloyd Corrigan) who is also trying to stop the medium's racket. 

Dashed out before the movie ended. (Thank goodness the rain was long-gone by then, and the sun had come out.) Of course, it turned out I was a half-hour late. I read my schedule wrong and thought I was going in at 2:30. It wasn't really that busy when I came in, but it did get a little crazy during rush hour. Our free turkey coupon is entirely online this year...which is a nice idea in theory. Trouble is, not everyone knows how to really use the app, or whether or not they've gotten the coupon. One lady who didn't realize she had to clip the coupon to get the turkey held up the line for so long, everyone left. I was so glad to finally get out of there without a relief or need for one.

Not terribly happy with my schedule next week. In good news, two days off this time. Slightly fewer hours, though, and the first day off isn't until Wednesday. I know a lot of people are out of work right now and I shouldn't complain, but it's no picnic to work for a week straight without a break dealing with panicky people, either.

Went straight home after work (and fixing a stuck zipper on my winter coat). Arrived in time for most of Match Game '74. CB Farnsworth, one of the most famous contestants on the entire series, appeared towards the end of this one. I've seen the PM episode several times.  Gene and his regulars are joined by Price Is Right host Bob Barker, future host Wesley Eure, and two of my favorite female panelists Debralee Scott and Marcia Wallace to make jokes about what has feathers and is as big as a whale. 

Sale of the Century started out with no one really ahead during the first half. The champ eventually bought an Instant Bargain, won two Fame Game money cards, and won the Speed Round decisively. This time, she did much better at the Bonus Round, winning with time to spare.

Finished the night online after a shower with spooky vintage TV show episodes. Charlie's Angels are hired by a wealthy widow to find out who's stealing her jewelry. Sabrina follows her every move...or tries to...while Kelly poses as a rich Texas socialite, Jill as her best friend, and Bosley as their chauffeur. The woman insists on handling all her affairs through a medium, which leads them to Madam Dorian and her assistant Terrance (Rene Auberjonis). Terrance hypnotizes women to get their financial information and have them steal their own money...but ends up trying to turn Kelly against her fellow Angels when he gets her under during "The Séance." 

Lucy Ricardo also gets involved in "The Séance" during the first season of I Love Lucy. Lucy's current obsession is numerology. Turns out the talent agent whom Ricky's hoping to get a job from is also into things like horoscopes and the occult. Lucy agrees to hold a séance so he can talk to his deceased wife, then tries to do her voice...not realizing Fred Mertz is doing the same thing.  

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