Thursday, November 05, 2020

The Warmth of Autumn

Kicked of a quick and sunny morning with breakfast and two episodes of the 2003 Strawberry Shortcake on The Roku Channel. Ginger Snap loves space and wants to be an astronaut. Peppermint Fizz teases her about her head being in the clouds, but Strawberry encourages her interest. Ginger Snap is determined to get the girls into orbit, even if she has to build the rocket ship herself! 

Peppermint thinks she's being "The Good Mayor" when each of the girls decide to pretend to be the jobs they want when they're adults. She keeps ordering the other girls to do jobs in the park, without considering how difficult those jobs are...until peppermint-gobbling bugs attack the park, and she'll need to get everyone working together to head them off.

Did some writing after the cartoons ended. Dick Martin and several of the crew come onboard rolling kegs of whiskey and run. This is the good stuff, he points out, well-aged down in the Caribbean. Gene admits he doesn't drink it and wants to sell most of it with their treasure, but he doesn't see any reason the crew can't enjoy some. He also mentions that this will be Richard's last raid. Brett wonders how Richard managed to afford his new ship The Family Fortunes when he gives most of his money to the villagers on land, but "Dickie Bird" evades her questions.

Broke for lunch at noon. Had a salad and leftover chicken legs while watching Match Game '77. Someone kept laughing wildly in the audience, even when there wasn't much that was funny going on. Gene tried to get her calmed down, while Leslie Nielson and Charles Nelson Reilly avoided Brett when she takes off her shoes to illustrate a question.

Headed out shortly after the episode ended. Once again, it wasn't bad when I came in, but got off-and-on busy later. Despite the lovely afternoon, I had a lot of customers who were grouchy, grumpy, difficult, or just plain rude. We're getting the last of the beginning of the month people, too. In fact, a manager had to call one of the teens to take over for me so I could get out from a family with a WIC order that was too long for me to do and leave on time.

Found a package waiting for me when I got home. I ordered a few things off Amazon I needed now and for the upcoming holiday season. The bottoms of my jeans around the rear are starting to fray. I picked up a new pair of Gloria Vanderbilts. Grabbed something for Amanda for Christmas as well. 

Watched Sale of the Century while I had a quick yogurt, muffin, and fruit dinner. The champ couldn't get anywhere tonight against a lady who had courageously pushed herself to conquer her fear of flying in a stunt plane over Texas...and certainly had no fear of buying Instant Bargains, as she picked up a rather nice shopping gift certificate and picked up another for furniture after she won the Speed Round. Got through the Bonus Round with two seconds to spare.

Finished the night online after a shower with Sweet Adeline on TCM. I go further into this story of the daughter of a beer garden owner (Irene Dunne) who becomes a star at my Musical Dreams Movie Reviews blog.

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