Monday, November 23, 2020

Giving Thanks for Comedy

Started off a quick morning with breakfast and the goofy swashbuckler sitcom Jack of All Trades. Somehow, it managed to sneak a Thanksgiving episode, "One Two Three, Give Me Lady Liberty," into its second season. Midget emperor Napoleon built a familiar-looking statue carrying a torch and even sculps its face to look like Emilia. Emilia and Jack have their own suspicions about that statue and invite Napoleon to Thanksgiving dinner in order to swipe the plans. When they find out that the statue is a trap being sent to the President of the US, Jack distracts everyone with another Turkey Day tradition - football!

Dashed off to work shortly after the episode ended; got there just in time. We were off and on busy, sometimes with lines down the aisles. It's three days before the biggest food holiday of the year, and a lot of people are shopping earlier or later to avoid crowds. Doesn't help that I'm dead tired and made mistakes right and left, including having to re-do two small orders to get the online rewards number in. Other people didn't understand how the turkey coupon works. You have to clip the coupon online, then save the money, not the other way around. Thank heavens my relief was right on time.

Would have dashed home...if I hadn't discovered my bike somehow got a flat tire. I'm not sure how that happened. It was fine when I rode to work this morning! I ended up walking home. My cell phone's been acting weird for months, and I'm not sure I could have called anyone without it dying. At least it got pretty nice by 4. This morning's clouds gave way to sunshine, cool 50-degree temperatures, and brisk wind.

I do have a spare inner tube, but it's the back that went flat. I have neither the time, nor the energy to mess with it right now. At least I'm off next week with few plans outside of the house besides Amanda's visit. I'll take Uber for my remaining three work days this week and see if I can fix it next Saturday or Sunday. 

Changed, took out the trash, then did a little writing. Goodson knows who Brett really is. She's the wife of a prominent Philadelphia doctor who ran away when she got fed up with his gambling and their constant arguing, and he's offering a reward for any information about her whereabouts. Brett agrees to go if Goodson's sailors don't harm the other women onboard. 

Broke for steamed broccoli and a three-cheese omelet at 6:30. Match Game '74 got pretty wild today, what with Fannie Flagg showing off her t-shirt with a dour woman's face on it and everyone joking about what the Godfather would hang on his Christmas tree. Match Game PM might have been even nuttier. Dick Martin took Charles Nelson Reilly's place while Debralee Scott flirted with a handsome single contestant, Betty White nearly made out with him, and Bill Daily showed off his tuxedo.

The champ dominated Sale of the Century. He bought an Instant Bargain and the Instant Cash, then dominated the Speed Round. Alas, he didn't have luck with the Bonus Round or finding that extra Instant Cash. Tried making cranberry sauce while this was on, but I used way too much water and it really ended up being cranberry cider. 

Finished out the night online after a shower with more Thanksgiving episodes of vintage sitcoms. "Samantha's Thanksgiving to Remember" in the fourth season of Bewitched takes her, Tabitha, Darren, Aunt Clara, and their next-door neighbor Gladys to 18th-century Plymouth to see what the actual first Thanksgiving was like. Samantha fits in better than Darren does, especially after he's accused of witchcraft when one pilgrim sees him lighting a fire with a match. Samantha finds the tables turns as she has to defend her husband of being a witch...and teach everyone in Plymouth a lesson in jumping to conclusions and respecting differences.

The "Thanksgiving Story" in the fourth season doesn't go as well for Barney Miller and his squad. First, a man is arrested for stabbing his annoying brother-in-law in the hand with a fork. Even after he's tossed in the lock-up, Barney and the guys have to retrieve a group of inmates who escaped a mental institution and drag them out of an automat. 

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