Tuesday, November 17, 2020

Winds of November

Slept in a little bit, but I still started off the morning with breakfast and Daniel Tiger's Neighborhood. Dan and Katrina want to play house, but Prince Wednesday insists on being a dinosaur whose loud roars wake up their baby doll. "Prince Wednesday Finds a Way to Play" so they can all join in the fun. Likewise, O would prefer to stay forwards while Dan and Miss Elaina do everything backwards. "Finding a Way to Play On Backwards Day" becomes more of a challenge when Elaina and Daniel want to put on a backwards show and O still won't turn around, but O knows a way to join their show while facing front.

Did a little writing after the cartoon ended. Joyce Bulifant, the cook onboard The Marauder, brings a hearty stew to Brett, Richard, and Gene. She's yawning when she arrives. She gave the men their meals and joined them in sharing the rum they picked up from their last raid. There was something about that rum, she yawns, that didn't seem quite right...

Broke for lunch at 11. Watched my first Christmas special of the year while eating yogurt, a banana, and an apple cider donut. The Leprechauns' Christmas Gold is one of the last Rankin-Bass stop-motion specials, and definitely one of the strangest. Young Irish sailor Dimty finds himself stranded on a strange island after he digs up a pine tree for his ship. Turns out the tree imprisoned Mag the Banshee, a wailing demon who needs someone to give her gold in order to survive. Mag is after the gold of one Blarney (Art Carney), a leprechaun who was abandoned by his wife (Peggy Cass) after Mag tricked her into believing the gold would cause trouble. Blarney tries to warn Dinty of Mag's shape-shifting wiles, but after he ends up with the gold, she goes after him...and it'll take a Christmas miracle between the feuding little folk couple to restore him.

Headed off to work shortly after the cartoon ended (waving hi to Jodie, Mark, and his friend in the garage as I left). Work was a madhouse today. Tuesday is the day of our 5% off Senior Discount. As tiring as it was, I'm glad I spent almost the entire time outside. I'd rather handle the carts and the cold, blustery winds than all those people. Gathered trash and swept the store, too.

Came home just in time for Match Game '74 after I took out the trash. CB Farnsworth continues his winning ways, nearly squeezing the breath out of poor Richard when he wins him the $5,000! In his honor, Richard and Charles perform their own song about him. The episode ended with jokes about which member of the Match Game panel would have to cover up when they all went streaking in the nude.

Had leftovers for dinner while Match Game PM was on. Eva Gabor hoped to help a handsome Air Force sergeant win 10,000...but her foot may not survive his enthusiasm! Meanwhile, the others make some pretty racy jokes about what Adam and Eve do in a revised version of the bible and Gary Burghoff walks offstage when the audience boos his answer to a deli question! 

The previous champion on Sale of the Century had stiff competition from a cheerful young man and a very sweet lady. She bought both Instant Bargains; he won the Speed Round. Just missed the bonus round, though.

Finished the night on TCM with Say It With Songs. I go further into this heavy Al Jolson melodrama from 1929 at my Musical Dreams Movie Reviews blog. 

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