Sunday, November 22, 2020

It's the Holiday Season

Started off a quick morning with banana pancakes for breakfast while listening to the soundtrack from the 1970 Scrooge. Albert Finney plays the world's most infamous miser in this version with music by Leslie Bricusse. "Thank You Very Much" for the people celebrating in the future was the hit here; other favorites include the sweet "Christmas Children" for Bob Cratchit and his kids as they go shopping and "December the 25th" at the Fezziwigs' party.

Dashed off to work, making it just in time. We were pretty quiet when I got in, but it picked up around 11. We had lines down the aisles at one point, and that was with a lot of help. Thankfully, other than a few mishaps, there wasn't much trouble. It slowed down enough by 2 that I shut down with no relief and no need for one.

Called Rose when I got home. According to my phone, she called me earlier, but it was shortly after I got to work. Yes, she's having Thanksgiving. It'll likely just be her family and me, which is fine. I can come over whenever. Given I also wanted to watch the all-day marathon on YouTube Match Game Productions channel, I'll likely go over around 3 and give a few hours to the live chat first.

Went down for a nap after I got off with Rose. I hadn't heard from Jodie when I came in, so I assumed she wasn't doing anything for the Eagles-Browns game. I really wasn't in the mood for watching them anyway, given how badly they've been doing lately. Hit my bed at 2:30 and didn't get up until 4:30. (And I was right. Checked online later and found out that they did, indeed, lose to the Browns 23-17.)

Did some writing after I rolled out of bed. Gene and Brett are dragged on deck and find themselves facing Gene's former boss, General Mark Goodson. He's an intelligent but fastidious man who likes to show off his wealth, boasting about his fancy new cufflinks even as he gloats about capturing his former officer. Brett's not happy when he reveals she's a wealthy noblewoman who ran away from her husband, a doctor and compulsive gambler, and there's a reward for returning her to him.

Broke for dinner at 6:30. Had the leftover soup while listening to the soundtrack from Scrooged, the 1988 modern Christmas Carol with Bill Murray in the Scrooge role. The big one here is the version of "Put a Little Love In Your Heart" by Annie Lennox and Al Green that turns up frequently on the radio during the holiday season. Most of the other songs are generic pop and hip-hop that were common at the time, though the final number is a nice version of "The Christmas Song" by Natalie Cole.

Made apple crisp and switched to Merry Christmas With the Williams Brothers. "The Holiday Season" with Andy Williams and his brothers is the hit here, along with the Williams favorite "It's the Most Wonderful Time of the Year." There's also the rollicking "Kay Thompson's Jingle Bells" and his version of "The Twelve Days of Christmas," "A Song for a Christmas Tree."

(By the way, that apple crisp came out amazing. I tried the recipe from a Susan Branch cookbook I picked up a while back, and it's perfect. Maybe a little sweet - I might use slightly less sugar next time - but otherwise spicy and delicious.)

Moved online for game show episodes on YouTube. The only Thanksgiving episode I could find was Classic Concentration from 1990. The copy isn't great, but they do have a big turkey decoration in front of the contestants' desk and a "Happy Thanksgiving!" rebus in the beginning. 

Since I had such a hard time finding Thanksgiving-themed games, I went with shows played by couples or families. The original Family Feud runs from the 70's and 80's are on Buzzr, but they play in the early morning when few are awake. I did one episode from 1982 with Richard Dawson and a group of ladies from West Virginia with some very interesting answers, and one from 1988 with Ray Combs and a group of enthusiastic gentlemen. 

For some reason, Buzzr only runs Tattletales episodes from 1974 and 1975. There's lots of great shows from later in the run they haven't touched yet, like this one from 1976. This was the first time Price Is Right hosts Bill Cullen and Bob Barker actually met. Bob and his wife Dorothy Jo did pretty darn good, too. 

My sisters and I were huge fans of Double Dare on Nickelodeon and in syndication when we were kids. We religiously watched every version they tossed out, including Family Double Dare. It's the same as all of the other Double Dares, only here, it's parents and kids getting covered in gunk, plastic balls, and colored water. Interestingly, both Physical Challenges involved filling a vessel with that colored water. One had the dad filling a cup with lemonade squirting from a giant lemon; the other had the family wearing hats with bowls to pass each other enough blue water to fill a long-necked cup.

Celebrate Thanksgiving with your family, some very strange answers, a pinch of innuendo, and a lot of slime!

Finished the night on YouTube with the next Match Game '73 premiere and Arthur's Thanksgiving. Arthur's looking forward to his dad's big dinner with his family and Aunt Minnie, whom he hasn't seen in years. His dog Pal's been eating food off the table and is put outside when Mr. Read thinks he ate his Brussels sprouts. Pal manages to slip off his leash and chase a cat, but gets lost trying to get home. Arthur's search for his lost dog leads to half the town, from a hot dog seller to a little old lady to firefighters, joining in. Meanwhile, his buddies at school are excited about being in the town Thanksgiving parade, especially Muffy, who gets to ride with her dad in a fancy vintage car, Pal and another dog manage to bring food to the dogs at a shelter who only get kibble and treats for Thanksgiving, and DW tries to figure out what's going on with sarcastic Aunt Minnie.

Here's the link on YouTube, so you can enjoy Arthur's Thanksgiving adventures, too!

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