Friday, November 27, 2020

Black Friday Frenzy Matches

Began a cloudy morning with breakfast and Daniel Tiger's Neighborhood. "Be a Vegetable Taster!" says Teacher Harriet as she introduces her students to the delights of the school garden. Katarina isn't sure about these, but she finally decides that trying new food isn't such a bad thing. "Daniel Tries a New Food" at home when Miss Elaina visits. Vegetable pasta goes over better with Dan than with Elaina, but everyone agrees that Mrs. Tiger's Banana Swirl is a big hit.

Called Uber shortly after the episode ended. Got to work literally just in time. Not that it mattered. It was almost empty when I got in, and it never became terribly busy. At worst, we were mildly steady around rush hours, and mainly because we didn't have much help today. Most people probably wanted this weekend off. Who wants to go grocery shopping the day after Thanksgiving? Even with many buying smaller meals, most people still likely have enough food for a week. Thankfully, my relief was on time, and there were no major problems. 

Speaking of getting the week off, my schedule next week is...vacation! I asked for next week off earlier this month. First of all, I'm dead tired. I've worked a lot over the past few months. Second, my friend Amanda's visiting on Thursday. Third, I need to clean the apartment and put up the Christmas decorations before she arrives. 

Had some grocery shopping to do after I finished. Had online coupons for pads and yogurt. Since I was taking Uber home and could carry a little extra, thought I'd try a box of Bubly cherry sparkling water on sale. Grabbed Cool Whip to top my pie slices and candy canes for the tree next week. Restocked apples, bananas, cranberries, milk, an onion, ground turkey, vanilla and peppermint extract, toilet paper, and butter. 

Jodie popped in shortly after I got home. Yes, she slept at Jesse and Dana's house yesterday. More importantly, she brought a package from Amazon. I hadn't ordered anything! Turned out it was another gift from Lauren. She sent me a collection of doll clothes, including a Christmas outfit, a sparkly princess outfit, and bell bottoms and an off-the-shoulder ruffled blouse for Ariel.

Changed, had a snack, and went on YouTube for the second Thanksgiving weekend Match Game marathon. The "Fully Stuffed" marathon was the same thing as yesterday, episodes the owner and operator of the Match Game Production channel considers to be underrated. In fact, I saw one of them, the episode where Charles and Richard sing a song about big winner CB Farnsworth, on Buzzr recently. Bob Barker was at the center of jokes in a syndicated episode when his chair broke and suddenly sank...and then the chair they found to replace it was much too high. In a Match Game PM episode, a lady who had clever answers in the main game totally struck out at the Audience Match. They let her match the contestants to win some money. One of my favorite episodes of 1974 was sweet Janet Finn's record Head-to-Head win, as Charles Nelson Reilly held her - and everyone - in suspense as he reveals if she's become the new all-time champ.

Here's even more matching madness to keep you and your family in stitches this holiday weekend!

Finished out the night on Buzzr with their second annual Black Friday Frenzy marathon. This year, Supermarket Sweep and Sale of the Century were joined by Let's Make a Deal. Sale of the Century finished the 1986 syndicated run of the female poker player from Las Vegas, who was last seen picking up 3,000 cash a few weeks ago. Long story short, she bought no more Instant Bargains but still managed to kill at both Speed Rounds and win the whole kit and kaboodle, including two cars and 50,000.

Supermarket Sweep jumped, way, way back to 1991 for their first Sweep of Champions. Boy, were things different. They filmed in a real (now defunct) California supermarket, the buzzers sounded totally different, David was back in weird-patterned sweaters, everyone still has huge hair, they had more guess-the-price mini games, there were no "extras" in the Big Sweep besides the stuffed or inflatable bonus items, and they had a big guy dressed as a peculiar alien with snouts on his hands and baggy neon clothes blocking the aisles and forcing people to turn back. It was kind of odd, but still pretty fun. One couple won the 5,000; the other did not.

Let's Make a Deal gave out more cars tonight than I think they have the entire year or so they've been on Buzzr. A young lady in a red white and blue Colonial dress and cap was the big winner in the first episode, picking up a car in the Big Deal after giving up an expensive fur coat. The car in the second episode went to a guy in a crazy Christmas-themed outfit, the only time I've ever seen the car won on the Door #4 Wheel. The Big Deal in the second episode went to a couple who gave up a Tahitian vacation and got a huge kitchen set instead.

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