Saturday, November 07, 2020

Dolls and Harvests

Began the morning with breakfast and Muppet Babies. Robin, Kermit's little nephew, is a "Tagalong Poliwog" who is still little enough to have a tail. He wants to play golf with the big kids, but can't hold a putter the size of theirs or hit the ball far enough. Kermit realizes there are things he can do when the kids venture underwater after his ball and Robin is the only one who can retrieve it from a giant clam. It's a "Sparkly Star Switcheroo" when Summer recruits the guys to help her switch out a sparkly star picture she actually made for Rolf with a less-glittery one. Piggy thought the picture was for her, but Summer doesn't want to hurt her best friend's feelings.

Headed out shortly after the cartoon ended. Oaklyn, to my surprise, had their town-wide yard sale today. I started my search at a house almost directly across the street. Didn't pick up anything there, but I did find three DVDs at one house on Kendall, four CDs (two for Lauren and her parents) on Oaklawn, and a nice wooden Thanksgiving banner at Woodland Terrace. 

Saw Rose and Khai raking leaves in their front yard as I made my way down Kendall. They were playing "zombie" with Finley, which seemed to involve burying her in leaves and letting her pop out. Rose even showed me their new trampoline in the back yard. Doesn't sound like she's quite decided what to do about Thanksgiving. She mentioned eating outside, or letting people drive by and pick up meals. Oh, and Mom and Keefe absolutely will not be dining with us. Keefe works in a shipyard in Virginia and has already tested positive for the virus, and Mom won't come up here without him. No one's heard from Jodie either, other than one Facebook post a few days ago indicating she was in Savannah, Georgia.

Didn't make it to the farm market until well after 11. Stopped quickly at WaWa for an Orange Vanilla Coke and more money before heading back across the street. The Collingswood Farm Market is on it's last three weeks. There were already fewer booths, to the point where they were able to confine themselves to the main parking lot again, but still quite a few produce booths out there. Stocked up on cranberries, apples, spinach, broccoli, Brussels sprouts, green peppers, and a half-gallon of apple cider, since I won't be getting back there next week.

Took the shorter way down Bettlewood and up to the White Horse Pike to make a quick stop at Dollar General. I really just needed peanut butter. The natural Jif has less salt than almost any other brand on the market. I bought two, along with cooking spray (which is cheaper there) and a bottle of Sprite Winter Spice Cranberry to try later. 

On my way down Newton, I stopped by a house with a few intriguing items for sale, including a lovely  jewelry cabinet with a beautiful glass door etched with flowers. To my surprise, it was only two dollars. I thought something that nice and in good shape would be at least 10. In fact, they ended up giving it to me for a dollar and throwing in a plastic bag to carry it home. Made one last ride down to the Oaklyn Library to see if they were having a book sale, but they're still not open.

After I got in (and brought in the package of Christmas cookie boxes I ordered on Amazon), I made a green banana smoothie (peanut butter, bananas, spinach, lemon yogurt, coconut milk, honey) while watching two Match Game '74 episode from earlier this week. Contestant Kim, with her midriff-baring blouse and her mega-watt smile, turned a lot of men's heads during her short time on the show. Even Brett, who often derided women who were younger or prettier than her, accurately called her "pretty as a picture." 

Dressed the girls for late fall next. Josefina, Samantha, Molly, and Felicity are all in their original Pleasant Company-era "meet" outfits. Molly wears her skirt and sweater with Samantha's black-strap shoes. Sam borrowed the black stockings and boots from Rebecca's School Outfit. Whitney's in a cute Our Generation dress and bolero jacket that looks very early-mid 60's, despite not being labeled as part of the Retro line, and borrowed Josefina's black flats from her Christmas gown. Jessa wears the shirt and colorful fleece jacket from her original meet outfit, but the black corduroys that went with it are too warm for our current weather. Gave her a pair of magenta leggings instead. Ariel sports a square-necked turquoise blouse Lauren sent from a yard sale in her area, beaded American Girl bell-bottom jeans, and the boots from Julie's orange tunic outfit. 

Worked on writing for a while after I finished the girls. While figuring out what to do with their spoils, Officer Dick Martin discovers a young stowaway onboard the Stardom Squares. Little Lorrie (Macaffery) wanted badly to find her sailor sweetheart Anson in New York, but had no money for passage. She passed herself off as a boy and hid on the Squares. Brett and the other women on the Marauder kindly agree to take her in and give her work.

Broke for dinner at 6:30. Had leftovers and made apple cider donuts while watching Just Around the Corner. I go further into this Depression-set vehicle for Shirley Temple at my Musical Dreams Movie Reviews blog. 

Finished the night online after a shower with Fantasy Island. Seasons 4 and 5 are currently on Crackle. Went with "The Snowbird/The Invisible Woman" from season 4. "The Snowbird" is sweet and pretty trapeze artist Velda Ferini (Pamela Sue Martin). Ned Pringle (Douglas Barr), a popcorn seller, has a crush on her and asks to be a trapeze artist himself to get near her. "The Invisible Woman" is Helen Winkler (Elaine Joyce), who asks to be invisible to keep an eye on her fiancée (Dick Gautier) while he rehearses his new girl act. She ditches the girls, but ruins the act and ends up getting him back together with his former partner instead.


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Emma, your link points to a Sailor Moon video on Amazon!

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