Thursday, November 10, 2022

Before the Storms Came

Started off the morning with a quick breakfast and the original Paramount Superman shorts. Given the patriotic tenor of the comics at the time, it was likely inevitable that the Man of Steel would fight the Axis on the big screen, too. "Japoteurs" has some great fight scenes and uncomfortable stereotypes when Superman rescues Lois Lane and an experimental plane from Japanese spies. "The Eleventh Hour" features shadowy animation and a mature storyline about Superman sabotaging the Japanese while he and Lois are prisoners of war in Yokahama. In "Jungle Drums," even more stereotyped natives are manipulated by Nazis into covering for them shooting down planes. Superman helps Lois get plans through to the Allies. "Secret Agent" is the only short to not feature Lois. He helps the title lady get the names of the top men in a Nazi spy organization to Washington DC.

Headed out a little earlier than usual for some Christmas shopping in Collingswood. I'd just parked the bike and was about to enter Occasionette Gift Shop when I heard my phone. It was one of the financial advisors at PNC Bank. He wanted to talk to me. Good, because I wanted to talk to him. Ocasionette is just three blocks away from PNC. I arrived in less than five minutes.

What he told me wasn't good. Apparently, my original financial advisor was transferred, which no one bothered to tell me. I couldn't even remember his name. No one did anything with that death certificate or the John Hancock account. He hadn't left any notes, and I had no idea he wasn't there anymore. The current advisor couldn't do anything until I sent him the most recent financial statement from John Hancock.

I got so upset, I completely embarrassed myself. I wish I could manage my emotions better. I want a home of my own so badly, but it seems like I'll never make enough money. I'm also not happy with them for not letting me know my original financial advisor left sooner. I felt so terrible, I apologized several times, even though he said it was fine. It wasn't. My behavior was inexcusable.

Tried some shopping therapy next, but it didn't really work. At least I did find three interesting DVDs at the Collingswood Library's sale shelves. I haven't seen the mid-70's British Three and Four Musketeers films or the Disney Johnny Tremain since my childhood. (And the latter isn't currently on Disney Plus.) Found two ornaments for my friends Amanda and Lauren at the thrift shop Clutter. Wanted to check out another thrift shop, Time Lapse, but they were closed. 

In between, I had lunch at the wildly popular Sabrina's Cafe. They're so huge, they took over what was once a ballet company's space after they moved and remodeled it into a second dining area. I ended up in a simple whitewashed room with elegant white metal chairs and golden wood tables. Since I didn't have a big breakfast, I went with breakfast for lunch. The pumpkin pancakes with cranberry-pear compote were so huge, I couldn't finish them. They were very tasty though, extremely moist and very sweet, with cinnamon overtones from the scoop of spice butter on top. Added a just-sweet-enough blueberry lavender lemonade to that.

Of course, I realized as I unlocked my bike that I left my bike helmet at PNC. Stopped there on my way down Atlantic. Thankfully, they had found it and were keeping it in their break room until I came for it.

Next stop was the Westmont Acme to get my grocery shopping done early. Between the holiday weekend and Hurricane Nicole on its way, I do not want to be shopping tomorrow or Saturday! Surprisingly, despite that and it being nearly rush hour when I got there, they weren't that busy. I easily picked up more Nature's Valley Fruit & Nut granola bars, oranges, apples, strawberry preserves, two generic Greek yogurts that were free with an online coupon, and my favorite flavor of Bryers ice cream, cherry vanilla. (And of course, I broke the ornaments when I accidentally put the bag of groceries down on top of them.)

At least the weather was gorgeous for riding around. You'd never know there's supposedly a hurricane coming. Sunshine and warm breezes glowed over rippling green waters and waving gold and green trees in Newton Lake Park. They were busy with dog walkers and kids just out of school, so busy that I ended up riding on the street. 

Put the yogurt and ice cream away when I got home, then hurried upstairs. Tried to scan the John Hancock statement and send it via e-mail, but I just couldn't get the printer online. By the time I did, the bank had likely closed. I still sent it. I just won't hear from them until Monday. (They're closed for Veteran's Day.)

Put on Up In Arms next. I go further into Danny Kaye's first major role and his first movie for producer Samuel Goldwyn in honor of Veteran's Day at my Musical Dreams Movie Reviews blog.

Worked on writing after the movie ended. Ira Skutch finally drags in Bart Braverman. Bart claims the girl he was flirting with wanted directions. Debralee, whom he'd picked on all week, calls him on his immature behavior. Ira Skutch is more concerned with the mice that had been seen in the halls and studios. 

Broke at 7 for Match Game '77. Suzanne Sommers of Three's Company continues her only week on the show in the first episode. The first Audience Match didn't go so well here. There were way too many good answers for "__ Knot," none of which the contestant or panelists came up with. 

The last episode of that week is currently lost. Buzzr picked up with the second episode of the next week, as Hans "Captain Hook" Conried joins Sarah Kennedy, Betty White, and the regulars. Gene discusses Betty's new titular series with her in the opening...and despite his claim it was a big hit, it barely lasted fourteen episodes.

Finished the night online with MASH episodes at Hulu in honor of Veteran's Day. In the second season, Hawkeye and Trapper are shocked to learn that American troops bombed a South Korean victims and damaged innocent citizens. They gather proof, but are upset when the Army won't take responsibility. Their general tells them that "For the Good of the Outfit," they need to drop the matter...but Hawkeye persists in bringing the right people to judgement anyway.

It's a "War of Nerves" in the fifth season when everyone at the 4077th are nearly attacking each other after several days in a row of dealing with casualties. After Army psychologist Sidney Freedman comes in with the latest batch of wounded soldiers, Colonel Potter calls on him to soothe everyone's jangled nerves. A bonfire to burn infected clothing does the trick...but it doesn't help Sidney with the damaged soldier who resents him for sending him back to the front after he was wounded the first time. 

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