Thursday, November 17, 2022

Winds of Fall

Cracked open my eyes, sleepily looked at the clock...and it said 9:31. Holy cow, work began at 9! I sprang out of bed and called them to say I'd be late. Dressed quickly as I could, grabbed a granola bar, and rushed out on my bike. Arrived at work nearly an hour late. I wasn't the only one; a manager later said she also overslept and was more than a half-hour late.

At any rate, that's the worst that happened all day. We weren't busy at all. Everyone must be waiting for the weekend to do their Thanksgiving shopping. I agreed to stay longer to make up for being late. Spent the time I was there pushing carts and enjoying a sunny, cold, gale-force windy morning.

I did have time for a little bit of shopping after work. Eighteen-count boxes of Quaker granola bars were 2 for 8 if you bought two. Needed muffins for lunch this week (they're buy one-get one), and my peanut butter is half-empty. Wanted to try the Turkey Hill seasonal flavor Pumpkin Spiced Cookie (pumpkin ice cream with spice cookie nuggets, like Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough). 

Came home and put everything away, then watched The Story of Vernon and Irene Castle. I go further into the last film Fred Astaire and Ginger Rogers made together at RKO and their only time playing real people together at my Musical Dreams Movie Reviews blog.

Worked on writing for the next few hours. A slightly inebriated Bart Braverman grabs the nutcracker and tries to crack a harder nut with it. He breaks the teeth, upsetting Debralee, who grabs it back, and Gene Rayburn, who orders him to apologize.

Broke for dinner and Match Game '77 at 7:30. Minnie Pearl of the Grand Ol' Opry made her only appearance on the show this week...and boy, do I wish she'd come back. She was adorable, very funny, and an excellent player. She even turned up in her famous ruffled dress and flowered hat in the first episode. Brett wore her own flowered hat in the second episode in tribute.

Finished the night online with Thanksgiving specials featuring favorite characters. Bugs Bunny's Thanksgiving Diet can currently be found on Dailymotion. It honestly has nothing whatsoever to do with Thanksgiving. Bugs, dressed as a doctor, gives an attractive but overweight girl bunny dieting advice between segments from Looney Tunes shorts that had something to do with food or getting it (including several Wil. E Coyote and Road Runner sequences), 

Celebrated Mickey and Minnie Mouse's 94th birthdays on Disney Plus with Thanksgiving episodes of Mickey Mouse kids' shows. It's "Mickey's Thanks-a-Bunch Day" at Mickey Mouse Clubhouse. Minnie wants to make salads for their feast, but her garden won't grow. Professor Ludwig Von Drake's formula works too well, inflating the fruits and vegetables to gargantuan proportions. Mickey has to figure out what to do with the leftovers after they make the fruit and vegetable salads.

Mickey joins Donald for Mickey Mouse Mixed-Up Adventures. "Mickey's Thanksgiving Fun Race" goes off-course when they can't decide how to drive their gravy boat car. After they get all of the racers into trouble, they finally decide that the best way to work things out is together. 

"Happy Thanksgiving Helpers" are having a holiday party at their place. Daisy's looking forward to having her grandmother's Double Berry Cranberry Sauce with all the other traditional dishes their friends bring. First, though, she can't find cranberries, then her friends call and say they're bringing other things. After a lot of running around and getting covered in glop, Daisy finally decides that what's important are the friends around the table, not what they're eating. 

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