Saturday, November 19, 2022

Champagne and Pumpkin Pie

Got another quick start today, with barely enough time to eat breakfast. At least the weather remains nice here. Yes, it's still cold and windy, but it's also sunny, with a pale blue sky. It actually feels like Thanksgiving, and I'll take that over it being too warm for the time of year.

Got stuck in a register again at work. We were off and on busy. The off times were slow enough for me to spend an hour shelving unwanted items, and getting a lot done, too. Unfortunately, I still had a lot of annoying customers. My last one was an older woman who kept complaining that her rewards program app wasn't working, and she wasn't getting anything. I tried to explain about having to push the buttons to clip the online coupons, but she claimed she did that. I eventually called a manager...who later discovered the woman was in such a hurry, she kept typing in the wrong phone number for her account.

Picked up cranberry scones for breakfast this week and pumpkin chocolate chip cookies for a treat, then went home. Did some writing after I changed into regular clothes. Gene explains to Debralee that the Nutcracker had once been a solider who was turned into a wooden toy, along with his army, when he tried to defend a cursed princess and was in turned cursed by the wicked Mouse Queen. Bart dismisses this as silly, but Debralee thinks it's romantic.

Broke for dinner and Match Game PM at 7. Isobel Sanford showed off her nifty Kwanzaa shirt to the panel, to the delight of Gene Rayburn and Richard Dawson! She was less pleased when the judge wouldn't match her answer of "meter" for "parking meter." Charles does much better with "Cream of __" in a big 10,000 Head-to-Head.

Jimmie Walker, Elaine Joyce, and Marcia Wallace came in for the second episode. Marcia had a bit of surprise when she actually managed to match a rather gross question about what forty soldiers did after eating a bad dinner. Jimmie also came in for a ribbing about being on the thin side then, while the others try to figure out "Spin __" in the Audience Match.

Put on The Little Prince after dinner. I go further into this whimsical fantasy film from 1974 based after the famous French children's novel at my Musical Dreams Movie Reviews blog.

Finished the night at YouTube with Lawrence Welk. They didn't get quite as into Thanksgiving as they did other holidays, but they still did a Thanksgiving show every year. The one from 1975 at least had the right spirit. Cissy King and Bobby Burgess dance a Castle-like Turkey Trot, complete with Ragtime-era costumes. Jimmy Roberts and Norma Zimmer enjoy "Sitting In the Evening By the Fireside." Tanya Faylen Welk sings "Winter Wonderland" while watching the dancers "skate." Ken Delo has fun in the audience, reminding the old folks that "You're Nobody 'Til Somebody Loves You."

I have fond memories of watching the 1978 Thanksgiving episode in college. I never forgot Mary Lou Metzinger and Jack Imel's charming "What You Got Cookin'?" as a maid who thinks the man working on the turkey is the actual chef. Cissy and Bobby's idea of a Native American war dance, complete with stereotypical face paint and fringe, has dated far less well nowadays. They come off much better doing a sprightly polka with Welk and Myron Floren towards the end. Anacani gives thanks in her native Spanish with "Vaya Con Dios." Norma Zimmer says a prayer over Thanksgiving dinner and honors their guest Meredith Wilson with "May the Good Lord Bless and Keep You."

Their last Thanksgiving episode debuted in 1981. The show began and ended with "Home For the Holidays," and the big dinner finale was done to "We Gather Together." The Hotsy Totsy Boys joined three lovely ladies for the Roaring 20's favorite "Baby Face." Ken Delo and his long-time friend Arthur Duncan go "Back In Your Own Backyard" and remember why it's so important to get home to your family at Thanksgiving. Bobby Burgess joins his new partner Elaine Niverson for a lively "Turkey In the Straw" cowboy square dance. Kathie Sullivan gets "Fireside" here, with assistance from Bob Ralsten and his organ. All three episodes feature the orchestra's rousing performance of "76 Trombones" from The Music Man

Celebrate Thanksgiving with your family and Lawrence Welk's!

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