Saturday, November 12, 2022

In the Fall Sunshine

Overslept and got a quick start with breakfast and Charlie & Lola. "I'm Far Too Extremely Busy" says Lola when she pretends to be a secretary for a mermaid, waitress for very hungry people, and a dentist for her imaginary friend Soren Lorenson. She has no time to play with Lotta or play Charlie's new card game Flip Flop. Once he starts playing with Marv and she sees how much fun it is, she may be able to fit it in her schedule after all...

Rushed out after Lola ended and got in at the last second. Turned out to be a moot point anyway. They had me bagging again. I did end up gathering the outside trash a bit later and swept the store a few times, but I spent most of the afternoon outside, pushing carts. I wouldn't have wanted to be anywhere else. If it weren't for a few puddles scattered over the parking lot, you'd never know we had a hurricane yesterday. The clouds vanished, the sun came out, the wind died down, and it became a warm, breezy autumn day.

Finally remembered to write down my schedule. On one hand, not bad. Two days off in a row, Tuesday and Wednesday, and my one early day on Thursday is only 4 hours. However, I also have two late days, and having two days off in a row usually means I'm about to work a week straight. 

Went straight into dinner and Garfield's Thanksgiving when I got home. Garfield is horrified when Liz the Veterinarian puts him on a diet the day before the holiday, and then Jon invites her to dinner. Worse yet, Jon is hopeless at cooking anything more complicated than lasagna. Good thing Grandma from the Christmas special knows how to make everything right.

Switched to Match Game PM on Buzzr during dessert. The first episode was the only PM show to be announced by Bern Bennett, subbing for an on-vacation Johnny Olsen. Bass-voiced Joe Silver and Good Times matriarch Esther Rolle join in as Richard explains why he attended a feminist rally and Fannie tried to help the contestant with "Karl __" in the end. 

The second episode was the nighttime show for the Julie London/Ed Asner week. As much as I like Julie with her husband Bobby Troupe on Tattletales (and enjoy some of her albums), I think she's a little too shy for the uninhibited Match Game. Ed Asner seemed slightly more at home (at least as much as he ever was), even if he never did play well. They seem to do a little bit better with "Wheel of __" on the Audience Match. (The bottom answer will mean a little more the year after this, when a certain Merv Griffin game show got going on NBC...)

Finished the night on Tubi with the Australian live action-animated hybrid Dot and the Kangaroo. I go further into this old childhood favorite at my Musical Dreams Movie Reviews blog. 

(Oh, and clouds moved in even as I rode home, though thankfully, the rain waited to arrive until very early morning.) 

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