Tuesday, November 29, 2022

Into the Holiday Season

Began the morning with breakfast and a new holiday special on Disney Plus, Mickey Saves Christmas. Mickey and the gang are preparing for Santa's arrival at a log cabin. Mickey's too busy to play with Pluto, so he chases squirrels on his own. This ends with him pulling out the plug on the gang's lights. Santa has a crash-landing on their roof. He and the reindeer are fine, but he lost all the gifts for the kids of Hot Dog Hills. While the Disney crew works frantically to make new gifts, Santa searches for his missing reindeer, and Pluto wishes he could do something to help, too.

Nifty special done in stop-motion with felt characters. You can see every fuzzy detail, from the log cabin to those lost gifts. (Considering the characters of Hot Dog Hills are associated with Mickey Mouse Mixed-Up Adventures which ended last year, I wonder if this was intended to air a year or two ago but got pushed back due to the virus.)

Headed out soon as that ended. Started off at the Haddon Township Library. With Thanksgiving early this year, I wanted to squeeze in a few Christmas books from the library before I read my own. Went with Fannie Flagg's A Redbird Christmas and the most recent holiday novel from Joanne Fluke, Christmas Caramel Murder

Had lunch across the street at the Westmont Bagel Shop. Considering they're usually mobbed during the lunch hour with teens from the two high schools down the road looking for treats, I think I caught them at the right time. The only people there were a group of older women chatting. I had my delicious spinach and feta omelet, hash browns, slice of coffee cake, and rainbow bagel in peace. 

Took advantage of the pleasant weather for a long ride across Collingswood. With traffic picking up on Cuthbert, I figured it would be better if I avoided the main roads all together. It really is gorgeous now. While some trees are bare, others display the most amazing shades of gold, russet, and scarlet. It was sunny and breezy, chilly but not overly so for late November. 

Just needed to stop at the bank for money. I didn't even go inside. I used the outside ATM machine. Rode up to it, got my money, and rode home. 

I was supposed to have counseling today. Mrs. Stahl e-mailed me while I had lunch. She had a family emergency and couldn't get together today. Could we try for next Tuesday? Actually, that's perfect. I already have that day off for an early dental appointment. I texted her and told her it would be fine. 

Spent the rest of the afternoon at home. I did the laundry and vacuumed and dusted the front room while watching Weird: The Weird Al Story. I go further into this spoof of recent rock biographies with music by the master musical satirist himself at my Musical Dreams Movie Reviews blog. 

Worked on writing for a while after Weird Al ended. Gene explains to the group that the Sugar Plum Fairy and the dancing candies were created to fill out time in the ballet. Charles adds that he saw the Baryshnikov version on PBS that replaced the Sugar Plum Fairy and her cavalier with the Nutcracker Prince and Clara in the final dances. Brett argues with him that it's still not right. Bart joking tells Ira that he should ask the Nutcracker to help with the mouse population. 

Debalee ignores all their quips and joking. She's getting awfully tired. She lays back on a couch with her Nutcracker and is out like a light before Gene pulls a blanket over her...

Broke for dinner and Match Game '79 at 7.  For some reason, Buzzr skipped the Foster Brooks week and went into the one with Loni Anderson and Jack Jones. Brett walked off during the first episode when Joyce Bulifant's answer of "cannon ball" wasn't accepted for "cannon." The second began with Gene auctioning Loni's bathing suit poster. Charles ended up buying it! 

Finished the night back at Disney Plus with Disney's version of Babes In Toyland. I went further into this delightful fantasy at my Musical Dreams Movies review from November 2018. 

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