Monday, November 21, 2022

Autumn Adventures

Awoke for a quick reading session. Linda Young sent me a book on Thanksgiving history and lore I've read every year in the days leading up to the holiday since. Wrote in my journal, then barely had time to grab breakfast before I hurried out.

Started out in the register, but I had problems early-on. I didn't explain to a woman properly that we can't put through photos of her food stamp card. We need the physical card. Everyone said I was too hard on myself, but I shouldn't have led her to believe she'd be able to use it. She ended up putting back a really large order, and I ended up feeling terrible. 

Although things went much better after that, they still pulled me to do carts and sweeping around 1 PM. Despite it being only steady, I had a hard time keeping up with them. At least the weather's much better. It's still fairly cold, but not nearly as windy, and the sun feels nice when you can get into it. It made for a pleasant afternoon outside.

Also, a co-worker suggested the Empire Diner in Brooklawn for Thanksgiving when I explained I was looking for places to eat out. Seems they give out free dinners that day. Research reveals this is, indeed, the case. They're a little further than Cherry Hill, but not that much. If I can get an Uber that day, it may be worth trying. 

Hurried home after work to put the laundry downstairs and do some writing. I won't have much time for it this week! Jim Staal assures Debralee he thinks the story of the Nutcracker is sweet too, not childish, like Bart claims. Brett wonders why it's not more like the ballet. 

Broke for dinner and to finally move the laundry to the dryer at 7. For some reason, Buzzr jumped way ahead to nearly the end of Match Game '79 tonight. These episodes were never shown on CBS, and were apparently not seen anywhere but New York City until they turned up on GSN in the 90's. Fred Grandy of The Love Boat joins in for the first time, along with Marcia Wallace, Bill Cullen, and Connie Stevens, to see a smart young woman named Carolyn Reisner win what would become the first of many games. 

Finished the night after I brought my laundry upstairs to be folded online with Plymouth Adventure from 1952 at Amazon Prime. Captain Christopher Jones (Spencer Tracy) is paid to take a group of pilgrims seeking religious freedom in the New World away from their planned Virginia settlement and dump them in the wilderness. Young carpenter John Alden (Van Johnson) is more interested in helping the settlers build homes. On the long voyage, he falls for pretty Priscilla Mullins (Dawn Addams), despite the interest of soldier Captain Miles Standish (Noel Drayton). Jones has his own affair with Dorothy Bradford (Gene Tierney), the wife of the exiled William Bradford (Leo Genn). Jones doesn't hold with the pilgrims' ideals and thinks they're too soft. Dorothy, on the other hand, believes there's good in him...and she may be right when Jones remains in Plymouth Harbor as a shelter for the Pilgrims, despite his own misgivings. 

Rollicking action story is one of the few to adapt this period or the pilgrims' story to feature-length film. It's also the last movie for long-standing MGM director Clarence Brown. Where this really works is in the costuming and special effects. The models for the Mayflower look so good, even to this day, they won an Oscar for Best Effects. The big storm at sea is especially effective. If you're looking for a good, swashbuckling adventure for Thanksgiving, you can do a lot worse than this rousing tale. 

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