Sunday, November 06, 2022

Salute Your Games

Started out a humid and hazy morning rushing to work. I wish I'd stayed home. It wasn't bad for the first half-hour, when I put away unwanted items, and the last half-hour, but everything in between got messy. We had long lines for a lot of the day, and a lot of huge beginning-of-the-month orders. No reason for anyone to suddenly run home, either. The Eagles played (and won) on Thursday and don't play again until next Monday.

I had such a hard time dealing with people. I hate it when people end up having to put back a quarter of their order because they think 500 dollars worth of groceries comes up to 100. If your cart is full to overflowing, it's probably not going to cost under 100. (And it's not entirely inflation. People have pulled this for years.) And they all tend to throw anything they don't want all over the shelves instead of saying "I don't want this" and handing it to me. I spent my last five minutes returning a container of cooked shrimp a family didn't want and hadn't bothered handing to me. Of course, it got cold. And we didn't have a bagger for an hour, and when we did, they threw him right into sweeping and doing carts.

Needless to say, I rushed home the minute I dropped the shrimp at the seafood department. Went straight into dinner and Match Game '74 after I changed. Jack Narz of Concentration, Elaine Joyce, and Fannie Flagg join the regulars in giving some goofy answers to what kind of burgers they sell at the North Pole. Richard does even better with "__ Brush" in the Head-to-Head.

Stuck around for dessert and Match Game PM. The first episode is the best of the nighttime show, and one of the best in the entire series. The whole episode is wild, thanks to hilarious sniping between Betty White and Brett, but the real fun came during the first Audience Match. Richard claimed his answer of "Color TV" for "Admiral __" would be on the board. Gene bet him a dollar it wouldn't. Guess who was right? 

The next show with Julie Harris and William Shatner was almost as much fun, and came from another week that got crazy in general. Brett swooned over a handsome young single man in the opening, especially after she asked him he liked older women, and he gave her a thumbs up! Gene gave Richard a kiss after he gave a great answer, too. There's also the answers to the Audience Match, "__ McGraw."

Finished the night saluting our Armed Forces for Veteran's Day this Friday. From 1989 to 1991, the Ray Combs Family Feud did a week-long championship, with each branch of the Armed Services playing each other for charity. The two top winners came back Monday for the biggest cash prize. I went with the first week from 1989. The game between the Marines and the Navy got really wild, especially when the female captain of the Navy reminded the Marines that they're technically the Department of the Navy. 

Despite that, the Marines wound up being the big winners. They were a lot of fun to watch, too. They cheered on good answers and bad and by far had the best trash-talking. The one woman officer did really well at the Fast Money round. She won it for them twice, the second time after the Hungarian-born officer before her barely got anything. The big guys on her team were so delighted, they picked her up and swung her around! I don't think her feet touched the ground for five minutes after she won the first time.

Salute those who serve our country with this delightfully funny week of Armed Service Feuds! 

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