Tuesday, November 08, 2022

The Return of Autumn

Started off my morning with breakfast and Daniel Tiger's Neighborhood. "The Neighborhood Votes" on whether they should add a swing set or a slide to the playground. Daniel is upset when his choice doesn't win, but is reminded to find something good about the other choice. He loves it when "The Class Votes" on whether to have a turtle or a rabbit as the school pet. Once again, he's disappointed when he and Miss Elania are voted down, but they end up finding good things about the other choice. 

Switched to Match Game '75 while getting organized and cleaning up from breakfast. Shy singer Julie London and Lou Grant himself Ed Asner joined in for this week. There's a couple of jokes near the end about an especially uninhibited contestant with some very creative answers. 

Went for a walk after that to run a few errands on the White Horse Pike. My sister Anny's birthday is the day before Veteran's Day; my brother Keefe's is next Friday. Stopped at Dollar General and picked up cards for them, along with more electrolyte drink mix. Since it's around the corner, I sent out the cards at the Oaklyn post office. 

(I also saw this year's Mountain Dew winter holiday flavor at Dollar General, Fruit Quake. Um, not only does it not seem to have a Zero version, but I'm not sure I'm ready for a fruitcake flavored soda. I think I'll pass on this one.)

I didn't want to go home right away after I finished at the post office. The weather was gorgeous. Chilly breezes sent dry leaves skittering down the Pike, but the air around me felt warm, thanks to sunshine and a brilliant blue sky. Strolled down to WaWa for a soft pretzel and to try one of their new winter holiday drinks, a Gingerbread Smoothie. Not bad. Tasted more like pumpkin spice than their Pumpkin Spice Smoothie did.

Got in around 2 PM. Spent the next few hours doing laundry, eating lunch, and watching the 1975 film Nashville. I go further into director Robert Altman's epic ensemble musical about country and gospel stars preparing for a political rally at my Musical Dreams Movie Reviews blog. 

Went into writing next. Re-wrote the opening sequences when I realized the episodes that inspired this featured Bill Daily in the fifth seat, not McLean Stevenson. Bill comes in yammering about Christmas and the show and their wild audiences before Brett quiets him down, leading to teasing and banter from the others. 

Broke for dinner at quarter of 7. Watched Match Game '74 while I ate. Gunilla Hudson of Petticoat Junction appears for her only week, getting to see Richard Deacon take off his jacket to illustrate a question and hear Nipsey Russell banter with Brett in place of Charles Nelson Reillly (who was in New York). They have a much easier time with "__ Nun" in the Audience Match.

Let it continue into Match Game '77 while I had dessert. Gary Burghoff once again does a hilarious imitation of his former teacher and mentor Charles Nelson Reilly, this time complete with big glasses. Eva Gabor is more surprised about the comments on her considerable assets (and Brett claiming her ruffled blouse makes her look like Heidi). (And it's too bad the last episodes of this week are currently lost. The existing shows are pretty cute.) 

Took a shower, then put on You're Not Elected, Charlie Brown. The votes are in at Charlie Brown's school. He's not popular enough to run for student body president, but Linus is. Linus does well in the polls and seems to be a lock, until he does a speech at a school assembly about the Great Pumpkin...

Finished the night online with two election-themed sitcom episodes set during the mid-20th century. Richie Cunningham learns about "The Not-Making of the President" in season two of Happy Days when he falls for a girl who is backing 1956 presidential candidate Adeli Stevenson. This upsets his father Howard, a staunch Republican and Eisenhower supporter. He's even less happy when he realizes Fonzie is making the Republican speech at Arnold's election rally! 

Switched to free streaming company Flex for "Strange Bedfellows" from season 2 of the 40's-set radio comedy Remember WENN. Bickering acting couple Hilary Booth and Jeff Singer run against each other in the local elections. Station manager Scott Sherwood happily plays up their feud, leading to a political debate that ends with them squabbling. It's a far more laid-back third incumbent who ends up stealing their thunder...and teaching them that politics is a full-time job that requires a lot more than lunches and speeches.

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