Tuesday, August 07, 2007

Hazy, Crazy Days Of Summer

The Camden/Philadelphia/Southern New Jersey area experienced it's hottest day yet. It hit 100, and the overwhelming humidity made it seem even worse. It was hazy and smoggy, even over here small-town New Jersey.

My original plan was to stay inside all day, wash the windows, vacuum and dust, and work on The Monkee Knight. I did do all of those things, but not for as long as I planned on doing them. The Acme called me in around 8:30AM. Apparently, some of the older women with back and leg injuries that would have been aggravated by the weather called out. I eventually got in around 11 and stayed until 3. Not only did I really want to clean, but the weather wasn't being kind to my own injured knee.

When all is said and done, I got in four extra hours that'll add greatly to my paycheck next week and I did finally get the (much-needed) cleaning done. I didn't work on the story for as long as I'd hoped I would, but we'll see what I can get in tomorrow.

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