Monday, August 13, 2007

A Small Step For Girl and Muppets....

Finished The Muppet Show: Season 2 today. The standout episodes were Bob Hope (once again parodying real-life; apparently, Hope really did have to stretch his schedule to include the Muppets, hence the backstage plot with Hope there for two seconds and off to another banquet), Cloris Leachman (LOVED her and Link Hogthrob of Pigs In Space spoofing operettas - Link even looked a little like Nelson Eddy), and John Cleese (he made a great pirate in Pigs In Space).

I also thoroughly enjoyed the bonus features. The mock "interviews" with the regular characters, Pepe the Prawn, Rizzo the Rat, and a few I didn't recognize, were hilarious. I especially loved Kermit and Piggy's varying answers to the question "Are you dating?" Gonzo's admittance of his Muppet Show crush on Piggy was also a nice touch. That giant, John Goodman-like bear in the tie was pretty cool, too. (I need to find out his name, which was never mentioned...)

LOVED the Weezer video, especially the authentic recreation of The Muppet Show's backstage area.

I'm really glad they included The Muppet Valentine Special. It's the first Muppet "pilot," and it's a lot of fun. Though the only familiar characters are Kermit and Crazy Harry (here called Crazy Donald), there's a few characters who were prominent in the first Muppet Show season, and at least one skit that reappeared on The Muppet Show, too, the "Love Comes To Koozebane" skit. (Those baby Koozebanians at the end look like mini Elmos, and they're soooooo cute!) Mia Farrow can't sing, but she has a nice rapport with the cast and does a lovely version of "Real Live Girl" from the musical Little Me with sweet oversized blue monster Thog.

The rest of the day, once again, was not pleasant. Work remains an absolute pain. Early on, a mother and her son threw a fit because their food stamps didn't cover the pre-cooked fried chicken, and they annoyed me and got me so flustered until I finally took the chicken off. I never really recovered, and in fact was a nervous wreck for much of the rest of the day. I hate, hate, hate, hate, HATE my job.

I did, however, work on The Monkee Knight this morning. Work is going slowly there, with more things now taking up my time, but it is going.

On the other hand, I reapplied to volunteer at the Camden County Library in Haddon Township. They seem bound and determined to not accept me, but I'll keep trying anyway. I wish there was an easier way to get to know people here.

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