Wednesday, October 09, 2013

Dark and Gloomy Fall Skies

I slept a bit later today. I was planning on doing some research online, then running to the laundromat and the libraries, and maybe going for a bike ride. Of course, I never did most of those things. I got called into work. I wasn't happy about it, but I need the money. My original hours for this week weren't great. I did cut it down to four hours, 1 to 5. I wish they'd just schedule me when they need me, instead of all this "cutting hours" business. I'd be more appreciative of the hours if they were less disruptive of my plans.

I did run Disney's Halloween Treat to cheer me up as I got ready for work. This is Disney's version of the Halloween clip show with a mild plot - in this case, a Halloween party theme with a spooky narrator. Disney didn't do as many horror-oriented cartoons as the Tunes, but that meant they could go a little outside of the box. I've always considered the atmospheric Silly Symphony short "The Old Mill" to be spookier than many horror movies, with its calm evening slowly building into a raging storm. A segment from "Mickey's Parrot" and the full "Donald and the Gorilla" show how dealing with the unknown can even more frightening.

Work wasn't busy when I arrived. They called me in because they pulled people from the front to replace stock people who called out. Huh? Couldn't they just, I don't know, called in stock people to do that? It did get busy later on. I even discovered my blog has a fan. One of my regular customers very kindly said her husband once worked in the store and recommended my blog to her. She says I'm an excellent writer and my blog is well-done. I really appreciate her comments. It was very kind of her.

When I finally got home, I put everything away, then changed into a regular shirt, grabbed my laundry, and hurried out. It had been cloudy and windy all day and was just getting worse. The fact that it was nearly 6PM by then and also getting darker didn't help. Thankfully, the laundromat was busy, but I had no problems getting a washer or a drier. I was able to get out in less than an hour. It was dark when I walked home, but there was no rain yet.

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