Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Fast Laundry

I didn't mean to sleep so late! I set the alarm for 7:30, but I closed my eyes...and when I opened them again, it was 9:30. I didn't get to the laundromat until quarter after 11! Good thing it was almost totally dead. It was mostly just me and the end of The View. I had a very small pile of laundry to do, anyway. I rushed home and wasn't even able to finish putting away all my clothes before I hurried off to work.

I just barely made it on time...and good thing. Though it wasn't bad when I came in, it was overwhelmingly busy for most of the day...and I was overwhelmed with cranky or just plain annoying people. It got really frustrating after a while. I worked right up until I left at 7 with no relief. Once again, I just barely got out on time.

I cheered myself up with a couple of episodes of Hello Kitty Furry Tale Theater when I got home. Japan's favorite cute kitten made a few rare dips into the darker side of moviedom in two spoofs of some of the most famous monster stories of all time. In "Frankencat," Catnip is the title mad scientist who creates a living creature out of mechanical parts. Trouble is, those "mechanical parts" were stolen from the local village. Kitty and Police Chief Sam are determined to find out what Dr. Frankencat is up to...and what that big, ugly dog monster wants with sweet My Melody! Catnip's happier with the more glamorous villain in "Catula." The title character is a vampire who steals milk from the local town. Kitty and the others come to Catsylvania to get the real low-down on this shady countess and what she really is.

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Unknown said...

Emma...I truly enjoy reading your blog! You are an excellent writer and should be very proud of your writing style! I especially love the throwback Saturdays when you listen to the old top 40's! I am the customer that went through your line and told you about my husband recommending the blog..and you truly do a great job! Beautifully written..keep it up!!! Kim Barney :)