Saturday, October 26, 2013

Crazy Little Thing Called Fall

I began a chilly but sunny fall morning with this week's American Top 40 re-run. We moved back two years to 1980, as disco fizzled out and ballads, British super groups, R&B, and New Wave danced in. Hits the weekend before Halloween that year included "Love, Look What You've Done to Me" by Boz Scaggs (from the Urban Cowboy soundtrack), "Another One Bites the Dust" by Queen, "Jesse" by Carly Simon, "I'm Comin' Out" and "Upside Down" by Diana Ross, "Lady" by Kenny Rogers, "Lost In Love" by Air Supply, "Never Knew Love Like This Before" by Stephanie Mills, and "I'm All Right" by Kenny Loggins (from the Caddyshack soundtrack). Barbara Streisand had her fifth #1 hit that week with one of her most popular ballads, "Woman In Love."

Unfortunately, I didn't have the time for the long errands run that I've enjoyed the past few weeks. I figured it would be too cold this morning for yard sales anyway, but I did see two in Oaklyn on my way to the farm market. Nothing interesting at one, and the other is the same family on Oaklawn who have been having sales for weeks. I rode on my way.

The farm market is on its last month. Several booths were gone, replaced by craft tables or an empty space, and it didn't seem quite as crowded as it has been. Pears, melons, and green peppers were done as well, but the rest of the fall harvest is still out in full force. I ended up with spinach, cute little Fuji apples, cranberries, and grapefruit, the last-named from the table selling tropical fruit from wholesalers. They had five grapefruit for 3 dollars. The Acme sells their grapefruit for a dollar each!

I had just enough time to put everything away and run a spooky episode of Get Smart before heading to work. 99 is mistaken for "Rebecca of Funny-Folk Farm" when she and Max go to a house to retrieve a top-secret package on the roof and 99 resembles the owner's dead sister. As the bodies pile up, Max has to figure out what's really going on.

Work wasn't too bad when I got in, but it picked up considerably as the afternoon went on, and was crazy for most of the day. I was tired and not really up to dealing with so many people at once. Thankfully, my relief, one of the college-age girls, was right on time. I was able to buy two of the dollar fruit spreads on clearance for 50 cents and head out.

When I got home, I had leftover ham and roasted Brussels sprouts for dinner while watching Suspicion. A romantic suspense drama set in England, this one has some parallels to Hitchcock's previous Oscar-winner Rebecca - plain British woman believes her handsome husband may be a killer (she's even played by Joan Fontaine). The husband in question here is Cary Grant, a loose-living playboy who seems to have married his wife for the money she's supposed to have inherited and wallows in a flood of lies and embezzlement. Did he really kill his best friend...and could she be next?

Not bad. Fontaine won an Oscar as the fragile Lina, who may or may not be entirely imagining what her husband really has in mind. Grant is also good as the gold-digger who will do anything to keep living the high life. A cop-out ending (apparently changed from the original book) keeps this from being as good as some of Hitchcock's later films, but it's still worth checking out for fans of the stars, the director, or a good suspense flick.

Put on one of the spookier episodes of Laverne and Shirley while I used that Caramel Apple Cake Mix to make Caramel Apple Spice Cake for Dad's football party tomorrow. The girls and Lenny and Squiggy find themselves trapped in a "Haunted House" when they come to the decrepit Ramsdale Manor to buy a cheap used couch. Shirley's certain that the house is home to the "Ramsdale Hairy Thing." Laverne's just as sure that a house is a house, and they need furniture. Which woman is right...especially when people start disappearing?

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