Sunday, October 20, 2013

I'm Only Tired

I got up earlier than I usually do on a Sunday. I wish I hadn't. I was still tired when I put on Brunch With the Beatles. "The Beatles in 1970" was the theme today, which means mostly music from Let It Be and Abbey Road and John and Paul's earliest solo albums. I have a soft spot for Let It Be. Despite the chaos surrounding its creation, some of my favorite Beatles songs are on that album, including the title song, "Across the Universe," and "The Two of Us." I tried calling Mom after I finished my Gingerbread Pancakes, but she was busy running errands and getting ready for the big Eagles/Cowboys game. I'd call her back later.

Went to work even before the Beatles show was over. Work was busy when I arrived, and remained so, even after the game began. We were having a big promotion. Anyone who wore an Eagles jersey would get 10 % off their order. People are starting to turn in the stickers to get free dishware, too. The trouble was, I was so tired, I felt overwhelmed. I messed up a lot of orders, and there was too much going on for me to do anything else.

I hurried home as soon as I could. I saw a little of the game on the TV in the Acme's back room. The verdict wasn't good at all. Not only had the Eagles' young quarterback Nick Foles played badly, but he got hurt in the third quarter and had to be replaced by a rookie with no experience. The Eagles lost after an embarrassingly bad game, 17-3.

I made a short walk in the park next-door after the game ended. I was rather surprised to see a blacktop "walking path" leading up to and around the garden area. I don't like it. I always enjoyed how natural and unspoiled the park was. I don't mind the garden so much, but that "walking path" is a big blacktop road. Couldn't they have done some dirt walking road around the perimeter of the park that would have been less intrusive? What about the egg hunts for the kids at Easter? Or the Girl Scouts' Halloween games?

I was tired and not in a wonderful mood when I finally talked to Mom. She's not terribly happy, either, and not just because of the Eagles' game. She's been hearing things she doesn't like about Dad, who can have a terrible temper when he wants to. And they don't have the money to finish the remodeled downstairs area - they won't add heat or mud for sheet rock or outside work until spring. On the other hand, they did get a huge window to replace the garage door downstairs, and a beautiful new front door.

Mom said she was going to do some baking, including a pumpkin pie and chocolate chip cookies for her grandsons. I wasn't up for making pie crusts, but I thought something pumpkin might be nice. I made Baked Pumpkin Pudding, and then beans with pasta and vegetables for dinner while listening to children's records.

The Peter Pan Wonder Woman album I bought yesterday features two rather odd stories, one about Wonder Woman stopping the War God from allowing assassins to kill UN ambassadors, the other a rather awkward tale about a race of alien women who expect men to be subservient. The Story of Johnny Appleseed is Disney's take on the life of the kind-hearted pioneer who traveled the midwest planting apple seeds, with all the music and narration performed by Dennis Day. Mickey Mouse Disco is one of Disney's earliest "characters spoof the hip genre" albums from the late 70s and 80s. This one is naturally a dance song satire; my favorite numbers are "Welcome to Rio" for Jose Carioca and a well-done remake of "Zip-De-Doo-Dah." I continued with Disney, this time going to an LP of Winnie the Pooh and Tigger Too that, other than one addition song and some more narration from Sebastian Cabot, sounded like it was lifted straight from the featurette.

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