Sunday, October 06, 2013

Showdown at the Meadowlands

Began a quiet, humid morning with Brunch With the Beatles. John Lennon, whose birthday was October 9th, was in the spotlight today. They went in reverse of the usual format, starting with his solo material ("Woman," "Just Like Starting Over," "Whatever Gets You Through the Night," "Imagine,") and ending up with the Beatles songs he performed ("I Am the Walrus," "Rain," "Strawberry Fields Forever," "Help!"). I enjoyed some delicious Cranberry-Orange Pancakes while the show was on.

Called Mom towards the end. She was doing things around the house, getting ready for the Eagles-Giants game. She had her own fun out and about yesterday in Cape May. There was an antique show held on the grounds of the Physick Estate while she was there. Mom apparently found some really nice vintage jewelry that was surprisingly affordable, including a beautiful 40's-era necklace with stones that looked like real pearls and lovely Victorian pins.

I headed over to Dad's about an hour later. I didn't stick around. Jodie was the only one home. Dad was in Florida on a business trip; Jessa had work, too. I watched the game with her for a little while, but I decided I'd rather finish up at my own place. I headed out at quarter of 2...and headed back when I realized I'd left my lunch bag at Dad's.

Work, when I finally got there, was busy for most of the evening. There was a call-out, too. I was asked to stay an extra hour. Not a big deal. They wanted me to go an hour and a half, but I figured once the game ended, our crowds would too...and I was right. It was so quiet by 8PM, I went home with no objections.

Oh, and while the Eagles' game wasn't great, the Giants have been really bad this season - they haven't won a game yet, including this one. Though veteran quarterback Michael Vick had to be pulled in the second quarter because of a strained hamstring, their second-string quarterback Nick Foles is no slouch. The Eagles finally pushed past the Giants at the Meadowlands 36-21.

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