Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Tales From the Library

Started a sunny, warm day with Good Eats episodes. Two of my favorite episodes deal with one favorite fruit of mine that's in season, and another that will be in a few months. "Cran Opening" gives recipes for one of New Jersey's biggest fruit crops (and one of my favorite fall fruits); "Orange Aid" provides tasty desserts for one of the most beloved of all citrus fruit.

I made a quick run to Westmont after Alton ended. I would have waited until my first day off on Friday, but I had DVDs that were overdue and needed to stop at Rite Aid. They have better prices on contact lens solution than the Acme, and I'm almost out. I also picked up Ricola cough drops on a really good sale.

The Haddon Township Library was very busy when I arrived, despite the nice day. There were piles of DVDs to shelve, probably thanks to the holiday weekend. For once, while I had no problems getting all of the kids' titles onto the shelves, the adult shelves were overflowing! I finally gave up after an hour and just went home. Didn't take anything out. I won't have a day off until Friday, and I have DVDs and videos I've bought from yard sales that I haven't watched yet.

When I got home, I made spinach pancakes, then tried a low-fat Chocolate Chip Cookie recipe (with agave nectar instead of granulated sugar, whole wheat flour, and a little less butter than called for) and ran a spooky episode of the 30s-set Tales of the Gold Monkey. Sarah White has to face a few ghosts of her own when a trunk from her dead archeologist father arrives on Borogora Island in "Trunk From the Past." Also arriving on the island is her former fiancee, who firmly believes there's a curse on the trunk and the information about a lost Egyptian cult that her father uncovered. Jake Cutter thinks it's balderdash....until Sarah starts seeing strange visitors, including one with the head of an Egyptian dog god.

The cookies took longer than I planned. I barely made it to work on-time. I probably could have taken all night. We were fairly quiet for most of the evening, and never more than mildly steady, even during rush hour. There were no major problems, and I was in and out.

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