Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Too Late the Heroes

I slept in a lot later than I wanted to today. I didn't get out to the laundromat until 12:30! By the time I got there, it was almost 1. Thankfully, it wasn't busy. I didn't really have a huge load anyway. It was mostly couples and the afternoon manager doing clothes. I hurried out by quarter of 2...and I had to work at 3.

I did finish Young Justice during breakfast. Very interesting show, and a very hard-to-follow one. There were just too many darn characters here. I'm really going to have to go back and look up the rest of this. I really wish DC hadn't ended this one after the second season. I think they had something really awesome going on, and they could have done a lot more with it.

The "extras" on the second DVD turned out to be episodes of Static Shock, one of the characters who turned up in Young Justice. I have some fond memories of encountering this one occasionally on the KidsWB when I was in college. Virgil is a normal, slightly dorky young teen living in a normal city with his dad and older sister. When caught up in a gang war, Virgil and both gangs are accidentally doused by a gas that seems to give them super powers. While Virgil uses his newfound electrical powers for good causes (and to show off in front of the cute girls at school), the other gang members use them to commit crimes and do as much damage as possible. Virgil does his best to keep up at school, hide his new identity, and prove that not all "bang babies" are crazy criminals. I hope there's more of this show around somewhere - it always was fun, and it brings back some fond memories.

Work wasn't too bad when I got in, but it became a bit of a pain later. Someone in the meat department accidentally slapped the yellow and red labels for the 4 for $20 meat sale on the wrong packs of chicken. You have to buy four items to get the sale, which mean we had to add up the four packs to figure out what to take off. One woman gave me a very hard time about it, saying I didn't take enough off when I knew I did. Another woman gave me a hard time about us not needing cards for the sales. She insisted that it wasn't true and I should put her card through anyway, even though she only had two small packages of deli meat that wouldn't have needed the card for the sale under any circumstances.

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