Sunday, May 07, 2017

All the Weather In One Day

I'm glad I worked a little later than I have on Sunday for the past few months, especially after all the trouble last week. It gave me a chance to get a few things done around the apartment. I had some delicious Banana Pancakes while listening to The Pirate Movie soundtrack. I wiped down the dining area table. A snap-top container I originally bought for dried beans now holds crayons, glitter fabric markers, and extra pens. Used to keep the twist ties and the rubber bands in one stoneware container, but they got too tangled. I separated them and dropped the twist ties in the empty Talenti container. Fixed a photo on the wall so it wouldn't keep getting knocked off. Put a block of wood under one record crate to push it against the wall. (Most of the furniture in the household leans in one direction or another. We're on a hill.)

Work was pretty busy most of the day. Not only is it the end of a weekend that included Cinco Del Mayo, the Kentucky Derby, and the beginning of prom season, but as one customer pointed out, the weather wasn't really appropriate for much else. I bagged for a lot of the day. Also gathered baskets, rounded up carts, and did returns.

It must have rained earlier. The entrance to the Acme was still wet when I came out to do carts. The rain started again just as I was heading home...and heavier this time. It was gale-force windy, too. Of course, it stopped as soon as I got in. The clouds and sun played tag with each other for the rest of the evening, but it never rained again.

Did a little bit of writing. The Crimson Hawk, who was dressed as a woman, now appears before Vader. The half-man, half-machine sends his men after him, but they get stuck in a special dark glue the Hawk had lay on the ground. But Palpatine has more soldiers on the way...and they may be more than even the League of the Crimson Hawk can handle...

Had a quick but simple dinner while listening to the Bee Gees and one of my 80's CDs. The breading came off the tortilla-crusted tilapia, and it was really a little spicy for me. The green beans were much better. I just pan-roasted them with the fish. Yum! They caramelized rather nicely, bringing out their sweetness.

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