Tuesday, May 09, 2017

May Showers Bring Beautiful Flowers

After the on-and-off rain and clouds we had all weekend, I was so happy to see the sun shining when I got up this morning! I celebrated the beautiful weather with one of the later episodes of The Backyardigans. Uniqua's thrilled to be attending "Pirate Camp" on a real pirate ship! Pablo's more nervous. Captain Austin tries to teach them all the important things pirates do in the movies, but Pablo in particular can't seem to get it right. They have to learn in a hurry when Austin accidentally gets the the notorious Captain Red Boots' (Tasha) shoe stuck on his foot. They have to save their teacher from the ghostly pirate, who'll tickle you until you become a ghost!

Ran a couple of soundtrack record sets as I finished dusting the entertainment (TV/radio) area, made the bed, and began the bedroom. Since I did The Empire Strikes Back last week, I figured I might as well do the original Star Wars today. While I prefer the music from Empire, there's some classic tracks in New Hope as well. Luke's theme, "Binary Sunset," is especially nice, and of course, you get to hear the opening and closing theme for the first time. You also get the full version of the jazzy music from the cantina in Mos Eisley.

(I will add that I'm still looking for Return of the Jedi on record. I'm guessing that one didn't sell as well as the other two. I've seen it once or twice offline, and it was expensive both times.)

John Williams also contributed a fine score to Superman: The Movie. Once again, the most famous track from this one is the stirring main credits theme. My favorite music is the lovely number that plays when Superman is flying with Lois. (It was turned into a really pretty ballad by Maureen McGovern that, sadly, wasn't used in the movie.)

I put the dust rag aside around 12:30 to run a few errands. I walked instead of taking my bike. It was too nice to rush. The weather was amazing. It was in the mid-60's, sunny and breezy, a perfect afternoon in early May. Pink roses blossom on spiky bushes. The irises are out, their spicy perfume filling the air. Two women walked their fluffy black and white collie. An older man worked in his yard. The trees are really green now, the leaves almost full-grown.

First stop was the Oaklyn Library. It was too nice a day for them to be busy. There were a few old folks on the computer, and one or two came in to chat with the librarian. Two long tables were filled with comic books leftover from Free Comics Day. I chose a large magazine celebrating Captain America's 75th anniversary and shorter books featuring segments from Wonder Woman, the Guardians of the Galaxy, and Hasbro's answer to Monster High and Ever After High, the DC Superhero Girls line.

Strolled down to WaWa to pick up lunch after I finished at the library. I dodged noon crowds long enough to pick up a roast beef hoagie on a whole-wheat shorty roll and a Bananas Foster smoothie. The latter was basically caramel banana, and it was absolutely delicious, creamy and sweet. I ate them at the wooden picnic tables on West Clinton, enjoying the glorious sunshine as I watched people walk to and fro.

As soon as I got in, I rested for a half-hour, then went back out. I really needed to get the laundry done. So did half the area. The laundromat was really busy when I arrived, which was not a good thing. I had a big load that included towels and my work clothes. I was in there for a while.

Spent the next few hours finishing out the dusting. My bedroom takes a while to do, even after having cleared out several books and half the Ever After High dolls. There's still a lot of stuff in there to dust under. I keep more than half my books, all of my dolls, and most of my stuffed animals in my bedroom.

Listened to the Anastasia soundtrack while I dusted. This may not be real Russian history, but it is a really enjoyable musical. The music by Stephan Flahery and Lynn Aherns is so good, there's a heavily revised stage version playing on Broadway as I type this. "Journey to the Past" was nominated for an Oscar, but my favorite song is the haunting "Once Upon a December."

Finally finished the bedroom around 5. I had just enough time to do some writing. Went back and added a few short sequences, including an exchange between Henry and Luke before they get into costume for the winner's ceremony.

The Crimson Hawk manages to escape in a rickety cart with Leia, his towering second-in-command, and Cedric the fussy butler. Leia argues over stealing the cart...before she gently addresses  him as "Henry." She's already figured out who he is.

There's no time to consider what Leia does and doesn't know. Vader is on their trail. As the cart speeds down the dirt road, Luke and Rusty take back the Rogue, Wedge's ship, with the help of a few Jedi mind tricks. Luke intends to take her to Dagobah to see Yoda.

Finished the night with a Creole seasoned fish fillet smothered in cheese and roasted green beans. Decided to try something for dessert. There are several recipes for snickerdoodle bars online, but I wanted something quicker. I added melted butter and sugar to basic yellow cake mix and topped it with cinnamon sugar. Yum. It came out a little gooey - I probably should have cooked it more - but otherwise, it was tasty,  nice and sweet.

Did a Police Academy double feature while I ate and baked. Assignment: Miami Beach takes the wacky cops to the title Florida city for a cop convention. Slightly senile Commandant Lassard switches his black bag with the bag being carried by a trio of jewel thieves. The thieves first try to steal back the bag, then kidnap Lassard when he fails to return the jewels. The cops have to make sure they don't leave with their beloved leader. Meanwhile, Captain Harris is gunning for Lassard's job. He tries to prove he has what it takes by stopping the kidnapping himself, but also ends up kidnapped.

Harris also makes a hash out of City Under Siege.  Lassard and his crew are brought in to figure out how to stop a rash of robberies in their district. Once again, Harris is determined to make fools of them...but he may be the fool. Someone is leaking information to a "Mr. Big," who seems to know their every move. The cops have to figure out how to stop these robbers fast, before everyone's jobs are on the line.

These are two of the later, non-Steve Gutenberg films in the series. They used to run frequently on cable in the late 80's-early 90's, and I have a soft spot for both. For fans of the series or goofy 80's comedies.

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