Saturday, May 06, 2017

And They're Off!

Started off a quick morning with a couple of horse racing-themed shorts and cartoons in honor of the Kentucky Derby today. Curly's along for the ride in "Playing the Ponies." A guy trades the Stooges a race horse for their greasy spoon. Turns out the horse is a dud and can barely move, until Curly feeds him his hot pepperinos!

"The Steeplechase" is a rare black and white Mickey Mouse short. Mickey's supposed to be riding the aging General's horse in the big race, but two (heavily stereotyped) stable hands got it drunk. Mickey's nothing if not creative. The horse he does end up racing is more than a little...unusual.

Porky's also stuck with an unwanted equine in another black-and-white tale, "Porky and Teabiscuit." He accidentally wins his own broken-down nag when an auctioneer thinks he's putting in his two cents. Determined to win back his father's money, he enters him in the big race.

Work was absolutely no problem. I spent the entire afternoon outside, rounding up carts and helping the floral department manager organize hanging baskets and containers of flowers to be planted. It was on-and-off busy, actually not as bad as I thought it would be on Derby Day. Wild weather may have helped. It showered lightly and briefly around 11:30-noon. Otherwise, it was cloudy, chilly, and very windy.

I had a few things to pick up that either forgot or wasn't able to get yesterday. I used Monopoly coupons to get a free doughnut and a free box of aluminum foil. Had a coupon for Grainberry Honey Toasted Oats Cereal, too. For some reason, the Westmont Acme doesn't sell the one-pound box of white sugar. Found a can of the Acme generic organic no-salt diced tomatoes on the full clearance shelves, along with piles of colorful muffin papers. Forgot the dust cleaner yesterday. I'm almost out, and I really need to dust the apartment sometime next week before Lauren visits.

Got my schedule today, too. Surprisingly, all late morning, afternoon, and early evening hours except for Thursday. I'll have plenty of time to do more writing and finish the spring cleaning, and I'll be able to make it to the Collingswood Farm Market next week.

When I made it home, I went right into more spring cleaning. Swept and organized the pantry shelves between the sink and the stove and the area under the sink where I keep my pots and pans. Scrubbed the refrigerator. It wasn't really that bad, except for some stains under the vegetable crisper.

Ran a couple of sitcom episodes as I worked. Jack and Emilia learn a lesson about gambling in "A Horse of a Different Color," the first episode of the second and last season of Jack of All Trades. Russia's Catherine the Great is incensed when her beloved white horse goes missing. Her navy will blow the island to smithereens if Governor Croque doesn't produce it within two days. Meanwhile, Jack and Emilia have blown every bit of money they had on Jack's horse-racing "system." When they find Catherine's horse, they figure out a way to use it to win their money back and avert a major naval war.

The Monkees also found themselves involved with racing in the first season episode "Don't Look a Gift Horse In the Mouth." A little boy leaves a horse in Davy Jones' care. Davy's the only one who has any idea of how to care for it, and their obnoxious landlord won't let them have animals in their beach house. They try to do chores for the kid's farmer father, but none of them are any good at it. Davy, a former jockey in real-life, finally agrees to race the horse to win the money for its care.

Balki and Larry land in a similar situation in "A Horse Is a Horse," from the sixth season of Perfect Strangers. Larry spent his and Jennifer's honeymoon money on a race horse, but the critter is literally on its death bed. Balki's hoping one of his Myposian concoctions will speed its recovery.

Worked on a little writing for a while after I finished the fridge. Leia sits with Ahsoka on the stands, where the rest of the crowds await the announcement of the winners of the Regatta. Jyn and Cassian are taking pictures and interviewing spectators. The quartet know Hux and Vader cheated. They've also noticed that most of the crew of the Rogue is missing, except for one of Wedge Antilles' buddies.

It's a hot, muggy day. Leia's drowsing on the stands, half-listening to Palpatine drone on about how wonderful his country is, when she feels the bench sway under her. Ahsoka manages to get her out of the way before the whole thing collapses...and the chaos begins.

Broke around 6:30 to have leftovers for dinner. Watched Mr. Muggs Rides Again while I ate. The second of two East Side Kids movies where Muggs as a jockey has him thrown out of the stables after being accused of cheating. Muggs is heartbroken. Not only does he love to ride, he won't be able to help kindly Ma make the money she needs to keep her prize horse Storm Cloud. He also has to keep his favorite horse, Sweet Alice, from being put out to pasture. Muggs is determined to prove his and Alice's worth, and keep Ma's niece from getting involved with a former friend who is now running around with a bad crowd.

Played Kirby's Epic Yarn for about an hour after the movie ended. Went back through most of the rounds in Snow World, picking up things I missed the first time. I still couldn't get one item in the Holiday Lift Christmas-themed round, but I got most everything else. However, there's still that Mt. Slide round it took me so long to do last time. I didn't get anything on that one. I wasn't up to dealing with it tonight. I'll do it the next time I play.

Ended the night with the Bowery Boys as I went online. They're Crazy Over Horses when a guy who owes Louie money gives him a horse instead. Turns out the horse belongs to gangsters, who want her back...yesterday. After way too many gags involving switching their gentle horse and the gangster's more aggressive one, Slip decides that the only way they'll ever get Louie's money and pay for the horse's keep is to get Sach to race her. (Beware of a couple of ethnic stereotypes mid-way through this one...although the switching gags that go on for way too long are far more annoying.)

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