Wednesday, May 24, 2017

Nobody Does It Better

Today was Lauren's last day here. We spent the morning quietly, playing Kirby's Epic Yarn. We were able to finish off the main rounds of Treat World, including the boss for this round, Squashini. We did the extra patches...but we ran out of time to play the rounds. By the time we finished the boss level, it was 11:30. Dad was going to be around to pick us up at 11:55. Lauren finished stuffing everything into her suitcase and backpack before taking the suitcase down early.

Dad was on time picking us up, and there were no problems on the road. We pulled into Cherry Hill well ahead of the train's scheduled time. I hugged Lauren at the platform, and we said our good-byes there. She said she had a great time, and despite a few bobbles with yesterday, so did I. We always have fun when we get together.

After I got home, I went right upstairs, put my blue rain coat away, and headed back out. I wanted to run a few errands, starting at the Oaklyn Library. They were slightly busier than they were when Lauren and I dropped by yesterday. Several folks were using the computers, including a grandmother who was trying to calm a fussy baby. The kids' DVDs and the board books badly needed to be organized. The adult titles weren't nearly as bad. I was out in about a half-hour.

Took out a few movies from the Oaklyn Library. They don't have as large of a collection as Haddon Township, but they get the latest titles right when they come out (instead of a month or so later), they have them around for longer, and they do have a few titles that Haddon Township doesn't. I opted for one of the newer titles I wanted to see too badly to wait (Moana, the latest Disney princess film) and two that the Haddon Township Library doesn't have (Sean the Sheep: The Movie and the live-action Disney Swiss Family Robinson).

I didn't have much of a choice about hitting the Acme. I needed my schedule. I'm working in the morning tomorrow and afternoon Saturday and am off Friday. I'll have time to work on writing, clean up from my visitor, and do some volunteering at the Haddon Township Library, plus I work late enough on Saturday to get away with a quick run to the Collingswood Farm Market.

Only needed a few things there. I cheered myself up with a vanilla creme doughnut, using my last free doughnut coupon. Restocked sugar, cereal (Quaker was on sale - I got Cinnamon Oatmeal Squares), black beans, tomato sauce, and honey. I wasn't going to do major grocery shopping this week, so I figured I might as well get anything now that couldn't wait.

Had a quick lunch of yogurt, a granola protein bar, and a banana when I got in. Watched The Backyardigans as I ate and put everything away. Tyrone, Uniqua, and Pablo are on a "Secret Misson" to return an object to the museum. They have to navigate their way around booby traps and three halls filled with artifacts before they find the one they're looking for. But will Tyrone's "spy maple syrup" ever come in handy?

Spent the rest of the day at home, working on my story. Vader does invite them to dinner. He's trying to get information from Henry and Leia about Luke, where he is and his arrival. He taunts them both before Bob "Boba" Fettson arrives as well, revealing that he told Vader where they were going and intends to take Henry to the notorious gangster Jenkins Huttman.

Broke around 5;30 to make Apple-Cinnamon Muffins and have leftover chicken tenders, asparagus and a toasted hamburger roll for dinner. Watched A View to a Kill while I ate in honor of Sir Roger Moore, who passed away yesterday. James Bond (Moore) is trying to figure out who's been putting microchips in race horses. The trail leads to Zorin (Christopher Walken), an industrial genius with an interesting past, and his intimidating lady friend May Day (Grace Jones). Zorin isn't just using microchips on horses. He's hoping to destroy all of San Fransisco's Silicon Valley and dominate the world's microchip industry. James, with the help of Stacy Sutton (Tanya Roberts), heads from France to Frisco to stop him.

Definitely one of the stranger Bond movies. It's also one of the slowest-moving. I have no idea why all that nonsense with the horse racing was even necessary, other than giving Patrick MacNee something to do and letting Bond prance around in a palace. Moore was really showing his age at this point as well - this would be his final Bond movie. Some of the action set pieces are just too campy for words, even for this franchise, including the chase in a cab in Paris and the wild chase in San Francisco involving a fire truck and half their police force. Roberts is one of the worst Bond women, dull and fairly useless. The saving graces are Walken and Jones as two of the series' more intriguing villains, some action that does work (including the finale on the Golden Gate Bridge), and an awesome title song by Duran Duran,

Finished out the night with a much-needed bath. I haven't taken one in ages, and I badly needed it after having spent the last week and a half hiking all over Camden County. I kicked back, listened to jazz, and looked over cake decorating magazines.

(Oh, and I last heard from Lauren a half-hour ago. She said she was at home, showing her parents her goodies. There were no problems at all on the trains or at the station.)

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