Saturday, May 20, 2017

The Eye of the Tiger

We both got going around 8:30-9 this morning to run errands. Lauren hasn't seen She-Ra in years, so I put on an episode of that while we got going. "Duel at Devlan" has She-Ra helping a small town that's being bullied by members of the Horde. They're counting on the townspeople being too frightened to help her, but when they see her going against the soldiers alone, they realize how important it is for them to fight back.

The weather had changed completely overnight. It was raining when we awoke. By 10:30, the rain was long gone, but the damp clouds and chilly wind remained. It was so cold, we both needed jackets for the first time since Lauren arrived. Despite the temperatures, the Collingswood Farm Market was elbow-to-elbow busy. I was afraid of squishing strawberries and blueberries, and they tend to be pricey. I ended up buying green beans, plus bananas and grapefruit from the fruit wholesaler.

I wanted to look at the record store, but despite the sign on their window saying they opened at 11, the door was still locked tight when we arrived. We strolled a few doors down to Frugili Consignment instead. I didn't get anything, but Lauren bought two pairs of shorts for herself and a sweater for her mother.

Had lunch at Cafe Antonio's, a couple of blocks down Haddon Avenue. Like Tu Se Bella, they make gourmet pizza with unique toppings (and slightly better prices). Lauren had a teriyaki tomato. I had broccoli-tomato-white. We both had "Chicken Parmesan," cheese and breaded chicken, and Wild Cherry Pepsi. Yum. The Chicken Parmesan was especially amazing.

The record store was open when we were passing after lunch. Lauren checked out the candy store while I browsed. Ended up with two fairly rare Broadway cast albums, the 1959 hit Fanny and the 1960 flop Greenwillow, along with the soundtrack from the film version of The Music Man (replacing the cassette copy I've had since high school).

Headed back around 1. We still had other things to do. Rested and put everything away, then headed back out. Lauren needed to wash clothes for the week, and I had new clothes that needed to be cleaned. The laundromat was fairly busy when we arrived...which made it all the more embarrassing when the Tide I meant to pour into the washing machine spilled and went all over my hand and the top of the machine instead. Good thing I had towels from the kitchen in there. I was also out of money, and while I was able to pay for the washing machine, Lauren and I ended up splitting the drier.

Spent an hour playing video games when we got in. We finished the first part of Kingdom of the Crystal Skull in Lego Indiana Jones 2 in record time, once I figured out I had to use Indy's whip to get the cranes to drop down. Since we didn't have much time left, we went back and did another bonus round instead of moving on.

I made a tasty dinner of Sloppy Joes (from Julie's Cooking Studio) and green beans, mainly to use those free hamburger rolls I got with the Monopoly coupons. We watched more She-Ra as we ate and I did the dishes. Bow is jealous of "The Red Knight" when the mysterious warrior bests him in a race, but he learns how important he is when his archery skills save the Knight and Queen Angelica. "The Missing Ax" was lost by two little boys who were playing instead of keeping an eye on it. They lie and tell their father it was stolen. When Bow hears this, he goes into a Horde-controlled town after it and is captured. She-Ra has to get the truth from the kids, then rescue Bow.

Jessa picked us up around quarter after 6. She and Joe just moved into a slightly larger condo above their old one. They got to show us around (and gave me three stuffed Sailor Moon dolls, part of the things they were trying to get rid of at a yard sale today) before we all headed to a local community center to see the wrestling show.

The ECWA is East Coast wrestling, not huge, but certainly noisy enough! I'm not a wresting fan and can't really tell you much about what happened, other than there were at least two no-holds-barred free-for-alls, including in the end after the previous champ had beaten the favorite. Oh, and Jessa won the 50-50 raffle.

We were so tired, we came home and went straight online. Given all the hiking around we've been doing, it may be just as well that we're mostly just going to be doing Rose's baby shower tomorrow. (I do need to hit WaWa at some point for money and milk.)

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