Monday, May 01, 2017

"To Boldly Go Where No Sailor Guardians Have Gone Before..."

Thankfully, I worked later in the morning today and didn't have to rush out of bed first thing. When I did get out, I had breakfast, then made Dark Chocolate Chip Muffins for lunch for work this week. Ran Sailor Moon episodes from season 3 (Sailor Moon S) while I ate and worked. A kind old Frenchman who is friends with Mamoru invites him and the girls to his home for a lavish party. Usagi gets nervous about speaking French and drinks a little too much wine. While the girls deal with her hangover, Haruka and Micheru worry that their gallant host may be the Heart Snatchers' next target.

Minako is upset that the Heart Snatchers haven't tried taking her pure heart crystal yet. She does everything she can to prove that she's as pure as anyone else...inadvertently leading to all of the Guardians revealing their identities to each other and their current adversary, shrill scientist Eudial.

A two-part story brings it all to a head. Eudial lures Sailor Uranus and Sailor Neptune to a secluded church, claiming she knows where the pure heart crystals are. The duo are promptly ambushed when they arrive. The Guardians are hot on their heels, hoping to avert the possibility of losing their friends...and of the objects their pure hearts reveal falling into the wrong hands.

No problems getting to work this time! We had long lines when I got in, probably due to the beginning of the month. I ended up in a register for the better part of the morning. It started to slow down even before my break around 1. Spent the rest of my shift bagging and gathering baskets. At least it went fast. By the time I finished at 3, we were fairly quiet.

The sun had been in and out of the clouds all day, and it was definitely warmer. I figured I was safe to take the long way home down Nicholson Road. It was just as quiet down there as it had been at work. Barely any traffic. Everyone must have still been at work. Even the turns by Wal Mart weren't bad.

As soon as I got in and changed, I took the rent next-door. I then finished out Sailor Moon, then went on the laptop to do some writing. Leia rushes back into the alley, hoping to find the two men. The Crimson Hawk finally appears over her head on a fire escape, then gallantly swings down on a clothesline. She warns him about Hux and Vader's plans for the Royal Regatta. He's not afraid. He's bested Vader before and will do it again.

The two have just kissed when Hux's voice is heard at the other end of the alley. The Crimson Hawk has vanished before the red-haired senator arrives. He and the Golden Eagle watch as Hux leads Leia away. The Golden Eagle is worried about the Regatta, but his friend's mind is more on the lovely Duchess Organa.

Broke around quarter of 7 for dinner. Had leftover shrimp and sauteed spinach and mushrooms while doing a final Sailor Moon episode. Mimtete makes her debut as the girls and Chibi-Usa hit the park to watch one of their favorite movie stars make a western. Mimtete is determined to steal the spotlight...but the real focus is on Usa's strange, shy new friend Hotaru, who has some very unusual powers.

Ran Star Trek: The Motion Picture while I ate and worked. The Enterprise is once again boldly going where no sci-fi geek has gone before. This time, they're checking out a strange robotic entity called V'ger, which seems to be destroying everything in its path...and Earth may be next. Captain Kirk (William Shatner) has just taken command of the Enterprise again, but it's been rebuilt from top to bottom. The man in charge while it was being rebuilt (Stephan Collins) is along as well. Things get really hairy when the robot herself comes aboard, and people start to get vaporized...

Ok, this was...weird. And a little boring. Even with director Robert Wise having re-cut the film a while back, a lot of it is still the cast sitting and staring at pretty colors. It feels claustrophobic, too, especially compared to the grittier world of Star Wars, more like a sci-fi play than a movie.

Two things I did enjoy - those pretty colors are worth staring at. The special effects here are genuinely well-done, especially for the late 70's. (Special effects whiz John Dykstra worked on them - he also did Star Wars.) There's also a gorgeous, majestic score, one of the best by Jerry Goldsmith. (It became so associated with the series, some of its music was used in other Star Trek films, and the main theme would be co-opted by Star Trek: The Next Generation.)

Even in its retool, I can see why critics and Trekkies alike still have problems with this one. I say, skip this and start with Wrath of Khan as a more effective reintroduction to this series unless you're a huge fan of the original show.

(Oh, and by the way, it hasn't rained to date. It's just windy, which is fine by me. Feels great in here now.)

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