Tuesday, May 02, 2017

Guardians and Storytellers

Clouds were chasing the sun across a sky that was trying hard to be blue when I awoke. I encouraged my own mood with breakfast and more Sailor Moon. Chibi-Usa is thrilled to be with her new buddy Hotaru, but there's something strange about the girl...especially when they discover that their former enemy Kaiorinite now lives with her father.

Did a few chores this morning, starting with some paperwork for the Union. It doesn't say when it had to be out, but I figured I might as well get it done. Stuck more Monopoly pieces on the game board for the Acme game, too. I doubt I'll win anything, and unlike most of the Tri-State Area, I don't give a care. I'm just happy to try, and to get whatever coupons come with the pieces.

Dressed the American Girl dolls next.  All of the dolls but Jessa got hats for the Kentucky Derby on Saturday. (I ran out of summer hats, and the real-life Jessa doesn't like them anyway.) According to her books, Samantha has a birthday in May. She gets her pink striped Birthday Dress and Ruffled Pinafore, with the pearly pink-lavender boots from her Ice Cream Parlor Outfit and the straw boater from her Hair Accessories Set. I found Whitney's cute pastel polka-dot dress on eBay. It was listed as being for Molly, but the wide skirt and puffed sleeves seem more appropriate for the decade afterwards. She gets the wide-brimmed white straw hat I found at a yard sale, white Springfield Collection socks, and the metallic purple strap shoes Lauren sent for Christmas 2015. Josefina wears her Dress and Vest with a straw hat and a rose garland on a wire I found at a yard sale. Molly also has an eBay outfit, in this case a hand-made version of her hard-to-find Victory Garden dress, and borrows her hat from Sam's Biking Outfit. Jessa wears the flower-print tie-dye t-shirt, gray shorts, and bright yellow ankle socks from the 2012 Hiking Outfit with the flamingo sneakers I bought at a craft show a while back. Other than switching her hat for the one that came with Elizabeth's Summer Dress, I left Felicity as she was. I don't have enough to change her into.

Made a quick run to the Oaklyn Library after I finished with the dolls. Not a whole lot going on over there, and they had someone else shelving and organizing books as well. I worked on the adult DVDs and did a few things in the kids' section and headed back home.

Had a quick lunch when I got in. Continued with the third season of Sailor Moon as I ate. Micheru, Haruka, and Setsuna are worried. The Messiah will soon appear, and they believe she'll bring the end of the world. Rei's visions indicate a similar fate. Chibi-Usa, Hotoru, and the other Guardians are more interested in a show at the planetarium hosted by their favorite local DJ. As usual, Mimtete is interested in him, too...but this time, her attempts to steal the spotlight end up revealing Hotoru's true identity.

Headed out to do the laundry after I finished. There wasn't a huge load, but I did need to get my work clothes done. It was a bit busy when I arrived, dead when I left. I worked on story notes and ignored the talk shows and soap operas. At least it had become a nice day, sunny, warm, and extremely windy.

Worked on writing for a while when I got in. As he takes her back to her aunt, Hux asks...well, more like demands...that Leia attends the Royal Regatta with him. She says she can't. She already has a date with Henry Solo. He's not happy, but there really isn't much he can do at the moment.

The Royal Regatta is a boating race that's considered the height of the summer social season in Naboo. Everyone who is anyone attends, peasants and nobles alike. Leia, Henry, Mon Mothma, Breha, and Charles are even invited to join Hux and Prime Minister Palpatine at Vader's summer home. Vader himself has joined the Regatta, along with Luke and Wedge in Wedge's ship the Rogue and Hera and her crew in the Ghost.

Broke around 6:30 for dinner. Made a taco-egg wrap with spinach while running more Sailor Moon. Skipped ahead a season to Sailor Moon Super S. Usagi is in the throws of one of her obsessions. This time, it's ballet. She's determined to become a prima ballerina. Chibi-Usa and the others figure they could use the exercise and join her. Fish Eye also joins the class and proves to be an amazing dancer. She catches the teacher's eye, much to the horror of his lover and best student. Usagi and Chibi-Usa encourage her to go after her dreams and her boyfriend.

Finished out the night after a shower with Kubo and the Two Strings. Kubo, a boy with only one eye, lives with his mother above a Japanese village. He tells stories to all the villagers, using nothing but his imagination and his skills in origami, but he never finishes them. One night, he and his mother are attacked by a woman who claims to be his mother's sister. His mother had been the daughter of the Moon King who married a samurai against his wishes. The samurai was cursed, and his wife and son sent among the normal people. A monkey charm his mother gives him comes to life and, when she's not insulting him, takes him on a journey to find his father's armor to protect him.. Along the way, they meet a Beetle with no memories and have several harrowing encounters with the sisters. In the end, Kubo learns that the stories of those we love will never really leave us, as long as we hold their memories in our hearts.

What a sweet and beautiful movie! As a storyteller myself, I definitely appreciated the "stories hold memories" theme. The animation was absolutely amazing. This was all stop-motion, and very elaborate stop-motion, from the same company that did Coraline and The Box-Trolls, among others, and it's their finest work to date. The skeleton monster alone was as big as two men. If you love fantasy stories, Asian folk tales, storytelling, or stop-motion, this was a deserved Oscar nominee this year for best animated picture (the amazing visual effects got a nod, too).

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