Sunday, May 21, 2017

We are Family

We slept in today, since we had no plans for the morning. When we did roll out of bed, it was a glorious, sunny morning, bright and windy. Enjoyed the lovely day with a walk to WaWa. I needed milk and money. There were quite a few people out and about, too, working in their gardens, riding bikes with their kids, or chatting on their porches. WaWa wasn't too busy, probably because we got there around 10:30-11, when most people were in church or working in their yards. I got my milk, got my money, and we headed out.

Lauren ran Pink Panther shorts while I made Banana Pancakes for our brunch. "It's Pink, but Is It Mink?" has Tarzan trying to capture the Pink Panther to turn his fur into an outfit for Jane. The pastel feline goes on a "Pink Campaign" when a lumberjack cuts down his home. He becomes "The Scarlet Pink-ernel" to rescue dogs from the dog catcher. A magician's rabbit takes a shine to him in "Mystic Pink." "The Pink of Arabee" visits the Middle East and goes paw-to-tassel with a magic carpet. He claims to be "The Pink Pro" who can teach one poor fellow to play any sport, but his attempts lands his client in the hospital. "The Pink Piper" wants to lead the rats out of town, but when his playing doesn't seem to work, the baker decides on more aggressive methods. "Pinky Doodle" is ordered to send pamphlets to the citizens of Philadelphia during the American Revolution, but a Red Coat horse doesn't make this easy!

Kicked back and relaxed for a few hours, playing Lego Indiana Jones 2 together. We went into "Kingdom of the Crystal Skull-Part 2," getting through the hospital and the temple (after having problems with our controllers getting stuck on the former). It took her a while, but Lauren finally did the motorcycle run, winning a Russian soldier character we could buy. Turns out the soldier was able to unlock a bonus round. Lauren accidentally found another near the temple.

Headed out to Dad and Jodie's around quarter after 2. They were already swarming with people when we arrived. I thought this was going to be a small thing, just the two sides of the family and maybe a few neighbors and their kids. Nothing is EVER small in my family. Dad and Jodie must have invited a bunch of their friends from the area, too. I didn't recognize more than half the people there. At least Lauren did get to meet most of my family, including Anny and her brood, Mom and Dad-Bill, Vanessa (Mark apparently claimed baby showers were for women), and Craig's parents and brother. Jessa was there as well. Jodie even gave little Lilah, who loves horses, one of her porcelain carousel horses that she's trying to get rid of. Lilah couldn't take her eyes off them. Khai and Lilah's brothers spent most of the afternoon in the pool, though Craig and Jay, Anny's boyfriend, did take them down the hill to the small dock for a while.

There was so much food. The dining room table groaned with pasta salad, macaroni salad with mayo, baked ziti, hot and sweet sausage, Chicken Marsala, green beans baked with garlic, meatballs, and a spring salad with carrots, radishes, and celery. My pudding pie and tartlets and petit fours from Desserts by Design were joined by chocolate and vanilla cupcakes, eclairs, giant peanut butter, chocolate chip, and oatmeal raisin cookies (Anny made those - the oatmeal cookies were amazing), muffins, baklava, scones, and massive danishes and elephant's ears. I had the Chicken Marsala in a crusty bakery roll, baked ziti (it was dry), salad, and green beans. Lauren replaced the ziti with the pasta salad and had her chicken on the plate. We both had cupcakes. I had a strawberry petit four and cookies. She had an eclair.

I can't believe how many gifts Rose got! Along with the usual things like boxes of diapers and wipes and baby furniture, there were toys, books, a rubber duckie (Khai insisted his baby sister would need her own rubber duckie), piles and piles of clothes (including ones hung all over the first floor of the house as decorations), and hand-knitted and crocheted blankets, hats, and stuffed animals. Khai and his buddies from the neighborhood had a blast helping her open all those boxes and baskets. Rose loved the Philadelphia Phillies onesie Lauren and I gave her. Rose and Craig are huge baseball fans. (And ironically, after all Rose's fussing, a lot of the clothing and toys were pink.)

Lauren and I strolled home around 5, shortly after Rose finished opening the presents. We're not party people, and Lauren doesn't really know my family well. We went back to Lego Indiana Jones 2 until the jungle crash-and-bash round glitched and got stuck. Switched to Kirby's Epic Yarn after that, playing through Grass World and the first few rounds of Hot Land.

Had leftover Tex-Mex dip and chips for dinner while watching The Goonies. A group of Oregon teenagers desperately want to figure out how to save their homes from developers. While exploring their attic, one of the youngest, Mikey (Sean Astin), discovers a map that could lead to the fabled lost treasure of pirate One-Eyed Willy. He figures this could be their way of staying together...if they can get past a family of thieves who are also after the treasure. Meanwhile, plump, perpetually lying Chunk (Jeff Cohen) befriends Sloth, the hulking, damaged son of the thieves.

This has been a favorite of my family since it came out in 1985. It was one of the first two movies we recorded off cable when we got a VCR in 1986 (along with Return of the Jedi). It always felt a little more real to us than it probably did to most kids, growing up at the Jersey Shore around similar pirate yarns. Older kids and young teens who love adventure stories and adults who grew up with this may get just as much of a kick out of it as we did.

Lauren wanted to see the rather strange video Cyndi Lauper did for the song "Good Enough," which can be heard in the beginning of the film and during the credits. Lauper had been working with the WWF (now WWE) at the time, and several beloved professional wrestlers of the era (including Lauren's favorite, "Rowdy" Roddy Piper), put in appearances in a spoof of The Goonies and treasure-hunt tails in general.

Tomorrow we're going to dodge rain to explore downtown Philadelphia and take a further look at Collingswood and Westmont.

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