Monday, May 08, 2017

Dreams to Dream

Got a quick start today with breakfast, then some cleaning. There are two times of year when I thoroughly clean the apartment, moving every nook and cranny I can get into - October and November, before the major late fall and winter holidays, and late April and May, in the spring. I've done the spring session later the last few years because Lauren's visited in June. This year, she's visiting in May - next week, in fact. I need to get it done under any circumstances.

(Why is Lauren coming in mid-May instead of mid-June this year? First of all, we came to the conclusion that it's way too hot here in June for all the walking we do. It's also too hot in June to keep the air conditioner off. Lauren works in a bank that keeps its air conditioning blasting from May to October and prefers fans at home. Many of the malls and attractions we visit will be less busy when the kids are in school, too.)

Ran An American Tail: Fivel Goes West as I dusted the music area, where the record player, records, CD, dry sink, and antique drawers are. Russian immigrant Fivel Mouskawitz and his family are heading out to Wyoming, where they hope to find a better life away from the city streets. His cat buddy Tiger (Dom Delouise) follows them. He's hoping to catch up with his saloon singer sweetheart Miss Kitty (Amy Irving), but he ends up among mouse natives who think he's their god. Fivel's sister Tanya also has her eye on a singing career. She's encouraged by Cat R Waul, who claims that cats and mice can be friends out west. Fivel discovers what his real plot is, but the only folks who believe him are Tiger and retired law dog Wylie Burp (James Stewart). Now he and Wylie have to turn Tiger into a real dog of a deputy, before Cat R Waul traps the entire town.

I'm far fonder of this more action-packed follow-up to An American Tail than I am of the original. It's lighter, less melodramatic, and has a more interesting and dynamic plot. There's also a bit of history here - this was James Stewart's last western and his last film role, period. If you're a fan of of the original and can accept something a tad less dark, this is one American Tale well worth the "sage" coach ride.

Switched to an episode of The Backyardigans as I finished up and got ready for work. Tyrone's taking Sherman the Worman to a "Polka Palace Party" being held for his brother in the wild west. Tyrone plays the tuba, but he doesn't have anyone to play polka with. On the way, he and Sherman encounter Uniqua and her clarinet, Pablo and his accordion, and Austin and his drum set. The kids discover they make great music together, until they run into trouble on the river. The wormen cheer them up with a surprise at the party.

Work was on-and-off busy, probably due to this being the end of a four-day sale and the second-to-last day of the Monopoly game. (You can use the coupons until the end of the month, but tomorrow's the last day to give out tickets.) I spent most of the morning gathering carts, which was fine by me. The morning was lovely, sunny and bright, if windy and a bit chilly. I got stuck in the register for a while in the afternoon when another cashier's register froze, and then when it got busy. Thankfully, it slowed down long enough for me to finish two out of three of the carts filled with returns. I grabbed toilet paper (which I forgot to pick up the other day) and a free Monopoly coupon cruller and headed home.

Spent the rest of the afternoon writing, ignoring the unseasonable chill and the return of the clouds. Vader's boys attack Leia, Cassian, Ahsoka, and Jyn when Vader realizes that Jyn took pictures of the collapsing stands and the arrival of the Crimson Hawk's men. The Crimson Hawk and his boys rescue them, only to be surrounded by Vader and his army once they free themselves from his glue substance. Jyn, Ahsoka, and Cassian distract Vader long enough for Leia, the Crimson Hawk, the Golden Eagle, Rusty, and Cedric to flee. Vader does get his hands on most of the Hawk's men, including Wedge Antilles.

Broke around quarter of 7 to have leftovers for dinner. Watched the unusual Dr. Seuss special The Hoober-Bloob Highway while I ate. Mr. Hoober-Bloob and his mandolin assistant work from a platform in space, where they "dispatch" a baby to a good family. The duo run a film to show the tyke all the ins and outs of living on Earth, and the good and bad things about being a human.

Finished out the night with Kirby's Epic Yarn. Went back to Snow Land and Space Land to try to get more items there. I finished all but one round in Snow Land (I'm now only missing the CD on the "extra" snowboarding round Mt. Slide) and all but two in Space Land.

Went back to Quilty Square and played another mini-game with the tadpole-like critters. The girl critter Carrie's name indicates what her game is. You have to carry her to a certain point at the end of a round. This is harder than it looks! You can't use her to shoot things, and you can't climb ladders when you're carrying her. You have to toss her where you want her to go. It took me at least four tries to get her to the right spot.

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