Wednesday, May 10, 2017

Taco Wednesday

I couldn't believe how lovely it was when I awoke this morning. The sun was out, the birds were chirping, and the breeze was blowing. I celebrated spring with a few more Sailor Moon fourth season episodes. In the first, Rei becomes something of a local celebrity after a magazine interview overpraises her talents. Not only does she get a big head, but a shy girl with no confidence convinces Rei to hire her at her grandfather's temple, hoping to become just like her. When the girl is attacked by Jun Jun and her attack-imitating monkey, it takes Rei (and her newfound fire power) to prove to her that it's better to live your own dreams, not someone else's.

Child-like Palla Palla is upset when her sisters won't play dentist dolls with her. Elderly crone Zirconia encourages her to take her "playing" to Tokyo, where the dolls become a full-blown dentist office. She gives children cavities, sending them to her dentist...and her dream mirror-snatching monster. Usagi and Chibi-Usa have cavities for real and end up there, too. Now they have to dodge something more terrifying than even a monstrous container of toothpaste - the dentist's drill!

Spent most of the morning writing. Henry, Charles, Leia, and Cedric flee the Regatta in a rickety cart that was the first thing Henry could find. Vader and his men pursue them in carriages fitted with the Jules Verne versions of laser cannons. Charles and Leia shoot off Henry's laser guns while he skirts the perilous edges around the cliffs overlooking the river. They've just gotten away from the cliff road when a laser blast hits Henry full-on in the shoulder. Charles gently pushes him in back and takes over driving; Leia jumps in front and helps navigate.

Henry directs them to the junkyard in Lothal. The Falcon is the only thing that can save them now. He wants to go to the mountain resort town of Bespin, where an old friend of his lives in a palatial mansion and may be willing to take them in...

Broke around noon for lunch and more Sailor Moon. Minako and Makoto are at odds over a handsome kindergarten teacher. Makoto, an excellent cook and seamstress, easily impresses him and his students. Flighty Minako lacks patience to deal with young kids and can neither cook nor sew. When she accidentally ruins a teddy bear Makoto was working for a school function while chasing a bratty child, Makoto angrily insists that their friendship is through. It takes Cere Cere attacking the object of their affections to bring them together and realize that they both have talents worth noting...and that one guy is hardly worth arguing over.

Work was dead as a doornail for most of the afternoon. It was a bright, sunny, perfect day in the middle of the week, too nice for most people to be shopping. It got a little busy early on, when I was bagging, and a little more busy right as I was leaving during rush hour. Otherwise, I spent the day doing the one cart of returns and gathering carts outside. There weren't even that many carts to do, and I had help later. I just didn't feel like going back in - there wasn't much for me to do inside, either.

As soon as I got home, I took out the trash, then noticed some messages on my land line phone. One was from Jodie. Did I want to come over for tacos? Sure! I only had leftovers planned for dinner, and I needed to talk to them anyway.

I changed as fast as I could, grabbed my bike, and headed to Dad's. Dana, Rose, and Khai were there when I arrived as well. I was so hungry after doing returns for half the afternoon, I ate four soft tacos and took home leftovers for later in the week. I did remind Dad and Jodie about Lauren's arrival next Tuesday. (They also told told me that the Oaklyn School's annual Spring Fling carnival has been postponed to next Saturday due to rain. That works for me. Lauren and I can check it out after we get back from the Farm Market.) Chatted with Rose, Jodie, and some of the neighborhood parents and watched the kids run around before I headed home.

Ended the night with Kirby's Epic Yarn. Got a few more items from rounds in Dream World and played a couple of mini-games with the little tadpole creatures. I got through the bead-collecting one on the first time with no problems. The kill 10 enemies in a minute and a half game took about three or four tries, but I did beat it. Still haven't won the race game. I've gotten close a few times, but that little miss always manages to beat me there at the last minute. Didn't get close to getting enough beads from Yin Yarn for the extra patches in Dream World, either. I'll try again next time.

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