Thursday, April 25, 2019

Pop Goes the Backyardigans

Began a quick morning with an episode of The Backyardigans. Coast Guard members Uniqua, Tyrone, and Pablo are determined to "Save the Day." Tasha just wants to catch a fish, and is annoyed when the others keep dragging her out of increasingly dangerous waters.

Work was a bit annoying. I was the only bagger for the entire day. The afternoon bagger called out, and the other bagger was helping to clean up boxes in our attic. I did manage to get a small box of gift cards shelved, but I mostly alternated between doing carts and doing returns. They tossed me in the register once, but it died so quickly, I don't think I was there for even five minutes. It rained a little bit while I was outside, but was otherwise just gloomy and windy.

Went straight home afterwards this time. I was so dead after all the early work I've had this week, I went down for a nap at 3:30 and didn't get up until quarter after 5. Worked on writing for about an hour or so after that. Leia sends Rudy and Charlie to cover them, then shoots open a grate and jumps in. Luke goes after her. Harris isn't as happy about it, but it's either that, or get shot by Shadow Men. He grabs Chewie and follows them.

Broke for dinner around 6:30. Had leftovers while watching more Backyardigans. Tasha, Uniqua, and Austin are intergalactic garbage collectors who are on a "Garbage Trek" to collect all the trash in the galaxy. They keep getting what they think are distress calls, but are really aliens Tyrone and Pablo, who need garbage to fuel their ship. Tasha's fed up with them, but she has to decide whether or not to heed one more call when they all get trapped in a black hole!

Played more Lego Star Wars for an hour after dinner. I've gotten musch better at the Mos Espa Pod Race. I won the race on the first try, got all but two pieces, and just barely missed True Jedi. The next round, which has Qui-Gon and Obi-Wan helping Padme to defend Naboo against the Separatists, takes much longer and is far more complicated. Didn't get many pieces, but I did make True Jedi and found my first red brick of the game for Super Slap.

Finished the night with the 1955 film version of Oklahoma! in honor of the revival currently running on Broadway. I go into more details on this vigorous western at my Musical Dreams Movie Reviews blog.

Oklahoma! (1955)

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