Saturday, April 20, 2019

In Spring, the Easter Bunny Never Sleeps

Kicked off a gloomy morning with breakfast and The First Easter Rabbit. The second Rankin-Bass Easter special shows how Stuffy the Bunny was originally the beloved stuffed animal of a little girl named Glinda. A sympathetic fairy rescues him from being burned after she comes down with scarlet fever by turning him into a real rabbit and anointing him the symbol of Easter and spring. Stuffy's thrilled to have the chance to start spring traditions in Easter Valley and see his favorite girl again, but Zero, a winter wizard, may make them permanently snowed in before he can get started.

Did a little writing after breakfast. Broke for an early lunch at 11:30. Ran Daffy Duck's Easter Egg-citement while sipping a Chocolate-Banana Smoothie. Daffy dodges an animator with a strange sense of humor while hosting three all-original spring-themed shorts. He and Sylvester chase after a golden egg in the first story. In the second, he tries to keep Speedy Gonzoles from stealing chocolate bunnies from the factory he's guarding to give to the kids in his village. Daffy's solo in the third story as he tries to figure out how to get north without flying.

It was showering lightly when I went to work. Thankfully, the rain ended shortly after I arrived. I did get stuck in the register for about a half-hour after I arrived, but after that, I was mainly outside with the carts or sweeping the debris from a windy day. We were on-and-off busy, and the carts kept vanishing. At least I had plenty of help from two guys early in the day and one of the new teen girl baggers later. By the time I was on my last hour, the clouds were starting to vanish, and it had actually turned into a rather nice day in the lower 70's (though the wind persisted).

Had a quick leftover dinner when I got home while watching Here Comes Peter Cottontail, Rankin-Bass' first Easter special. Danny Kaye narrates the story of how Peter (Casey Kasem) has to travel through a year's worth of holidays to deliver more eggs than nasty bunny Irontail (Vincent Price) and become the new Chief Easter Bunny.

Did some more writing after I ate. The group makes their way into the nerve center of the Iron Works. After knocking out the computer operators, Rusty hacks into the outlet and discovers where the lever to open the gates are. Ben says he'll do it. Luke wants to go, but he says he needs to deal with the lever - and Vader - on his own.

Finished out the night with the rest of Peter Cottontail and Easter Parade. I go into more detail on that 1948 MGM confection at my Musical Dreams Movie Reviews blog.

Easter Parade

And here's a collection of more classic Easter specials from YouTube to check out while you wait for the Easter Bunny tomorrow!

Silly Symphonies - Funny Little Bunnies
Thumpkin and the Easter Bunny
Fabulous Fleischer Folio - Bunny Mooning 
The Bernstein Bears' Easter Surprise
A Family Circus Easter
Buttons and Rusty Meet the Easter Bunny
Easter Egg Mornin'
Easter Is
Ice Age - The Great Egg-scapade

For those of you who won't be online tomorrow, I hope you have a safe and happy Easter!

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