Tuesday, April 02, 2019

Nowhere Fast

Began a sunny day with breakfast and more of The Flash. Barry and the rest of the STAR Labs team are asking "Who Is Harrison Wells?" when they learn that there's more than a few things that are fishy about the car crash that supposedly paralyzed him and killed his wife. The Flash is also dealing with a shape-shifter named Hanniball Bates who can take the form of anyone he touches...including The Flash.

With the work on the house now on hold, I can get started on the monthly cleaning. Began with the new windows. They were filthy, especially the one in the kitchen. To my delight, the vinyl frame was as easy to wipe down as the windows and required no dusting. The bathroom wasn't quite as bad, but it did need to be done. The bathroom sink can get really gunky.

Switched to Here Comes Peter Cottontail, my first Easter special of the year, while I worked. In the first of three Rankin-Bass Easter specials, Peter (Casey Kasem) competes to be the new Chief Easter Bunny with nasty Irontail (Vincent Price), but loses when he sleeps through Easter. With the help of peddler Seymour S. Sassafras (Danny Kaye) and the pilot worm Anton (also Kaye), he goes back in time to try to deliver the eggs before Irontail can get him.

The special had barely ended when I dashed off to work. Work was quiet for most of the day. I cleaned the bathroom early-on, gathered baskets, and hung up a box of gift cards for an hour, but I was mainly outside with the carts. I also rounded up trash (the recycling didn't need to be done) and swept the front patio. By the time it started picking up at 4. I was on my way home.

There was an envelope from the New Jersey courts in my mailbox when I arrived. They denied my request to move my juror date from May 16th to May 15th. I don't know why this was a  problem. It's not like I'm saying I can't do it, I just want them to move it back a day. What's so difficult about that? And the US government wonders why no one likes them.

I tried to do some writing when I got in, but I was too depressed to focus. I did manage to get a little in. Luke is about to head home when he sees smoke coming from that direction. He's shocked to see his aunt alive, but crying over the lifeless body of his uncle. Turns out he was shot and the shop burned by men who wore shiny white and black body suits and jet packs. Aunt Bertha managed to hide from them, but Owen was questioned and murdered.

(And yes, I'm keeping Aunt Beru around. I figure she could be the Aunt May/Martha Kent cool old lady and join Maz Kantana in dispensing advice and brownies, as well as providing a hiding place for Leia and Luke between the Empire Strikes Back and Return of the Jedi stories.)

Broke for a late dinner at 7:30. Resumed The Flash while I ate leftovers. Skipped past the two episodes I'd accidentally watched earlier to "Rogue Air." Barry convinces Leonard "Captain Cold" Snart to help him transport the remaining five metahuman villains out of STAR Labs before the particle accelerator blows again. Enroute, they do kill one of the villains, but Leonard and his sister Lisa "Golden Glider" Snart release the others. Meanwhile, Oliver "The Green Arrow" Queen and Ronnie from earlier in the season team up to help The Flash catch The Reverse Flash and put him behind bars.

Finished out the night with Streets of Fire as I baked a cinnamon streusel cake to make me feel better. I go into more detail on this ultra-cool "rock & roll fable" from 1984 at my Musical Dreams Movie Reviews blog.

Streets of Fire

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