Tuesday, April 09, 2019

Sleepytime Gal

My head only felt slightly better when I woke up this morning. The fever was gone, but it felt like it was stuffed with cotton, my eyes were still heavy, and I couldn't breathe. I just took allergy medicine and hoped for the best, then had breakfast and made Shaker Lemon Muffins while watching more Smallville. Lois accidentally runs into a dog in the rain. He's fine, but Clark and the Kents can't figure out where it came from...until it drags a tractor across the lawn while following Clark. Turns out LuthorCorp had been performing experiments on "Krypto" and other dogs to give them enhanced strength and senses, but Lex nixed the project as inhumane. The other dog is being used to steal from local businesses. Clark is determined to prove that his new pooch really is man's best friend and follows him to the thieves.

Switched to Sailor Moon while getting ready for work. Clark's not the only one having problems with pets. "Scent of a Monster: Chanela Will Steal Your Love" has Usagi trying to get her brother Shingo, who is afraid of animals, to get along better with Luna. She thinks he's found the answer when he buys an adorable, sweet-smelling critter, but it just makes him treat Luna worse. It's not until she buys one for herself that she realizes what the creatures are, and what their creators are after.

Headed out to work as soon as I finished with Usagi. It was not much fun today. The allergy medicine didn't make my head feel any better; I was droopy and tired all day. I spent most of the first half of the morning stuck in a register despite it not really being busy. They just didn't have enough help. Managed to get outside to do carts and round up trash and recycling during the second half of my shift.

I couldn't keep my eyes open another minute. I went straight home and into bed, where I took a nap for two hours. When I got up, I had leftovers for dinner while continuing with Smallville. After Dr. Virgil Swann dies, he leaves Clark a strange disc that matches the artifact in the Native American cave and leads him to the "Sacred" Stone of Knowledge. He follows Lana to China to find them...but when she's tortured, it brings out the spirit of the witch Isobel, who is also after the stones. Clark has to battle her, and figure out what Lex and Jason are doing in China.

Started "Lucy" while I cleaned up from dinner. Lucy Lane has come to visit her sister Lois at the Kents' farm. She claims she's on vacation, but it turns out she has another reason for being there besides seeing Lois. Meanwhile, someone stole the stone from Kara and Jason, and Jason is convinced it's Lionel.

Got bored and opted to play Kirby's Epic Yarn around 7 instead. Water World is a lot of fun. Once you figure out how to control the dolphin, it's one of the more unique creatures you can transform into. I did have to go back and do one round in order to get all the artifacts, but by and large, I had no problems here. I needed a shower, so I ended before I could move on to the bonus rounds. I'll do those tomorrow.

Finished the night with Brigadoon. I go into more detail on this unusual Scottish fantasy featuring Gene Kelly and Cyd Charisse at my Musical Dreams Movie Reviews blog.


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Linda said...

Emma, when you have allergy symptoms, you don't get a fever. (In fact, sometimes your temperature goes lower.) So If you've had a fever, even a low-grade one, you are sick, and allergy meds won't help. Have some chicken soup, buy some Mucinex, and rest as much as you can.