Tuesday, April 23, 2019

Hello, Oaklyn, Hello

Started off  the morning with another episode of Rick Steves' Europe. This time, we head east to Prague, the capitol of the Czech Republic. Prague has some really interesting history, including recent history. Czechoslovakia was able to shake off its communist past without bloodshed in 1989, something Rick does discuss. I also love the ornate Art Noveau buildings and artwork on display, especially since that form of art seems to have become popular again of late.

Work was even quieter than yesterday. It was gorgeous, sunny, breezy, and in the upper 60's by 10 AM. While I did check the bathrooms, clean the backroom, and do returns during the last hour, I was mostly outside. The carts generally weren't that bad...but not only was it too nice to be inside, but there really wasn't that much to do inside, either. When the carts were full, I swept the patio and rounded up what little trash there was. (The recycling was fine.)

Took Nicholson Road home. As soon as I got in, I changed, grabbed my purse and Harley Quinn at Super Hero High to return, and went right back out. Charlie was still working on the last window in my bedroom, so I hit Phillies Phatties for lunch. I loved the basil-fresh mozzarella pizza from last week so much, I had it again, this time with a slice of cheese and a can of Pepsi. The place was much busier than usual for a weekday. It's a popular hangout for local kids, and they're all out of school this week. I half-listened to their chatter and half-watched ESPN talk about football trades.

The weather was so gorgeous, I took the long way across Newton Lake Park to the Haddon Township Library. I wasn't the only one who wanted to get out and enjoy the weather. I dodged other bikers, dog walkers, people with strollers, and a dad walking hand-in-hand with his adorable little girl, who didn't look more than 4. The trees are just getting greener and greener; buttercups wave in the breeze on the riverbanks.

The Haddon Township Library was just as dead as the Acme this morning. They were doing inventory, but I was able to shelve DVDs for adults and kids between their hourly work sessions. Once again, it was quiet, and there just wasn't that much to do. I spent longer grabbing a young adult book about Superman's youth in Smallville than I did volunteering.

Stopped at Dollar Tree really fast on the way home. I bought a plastic tote for Khai's Pokemon figure, instead of the usual cheap bag, along with sponges, tissue paper, and a card for Khai. (His birthday was on Friday.) They weren't really all that busy either, despite it being rush hour when I finally headed back to Oaklyn.

Did some writing after I packed up Khai's gift. Luke insists on rescuing Leia, whom Vader wants to kill. Harris refuses to help, until Luke plays the "she's rich" card, and even then he does it reluctantly.

(Oh, and Charlie is now totally finished with all the windows in the house. He's going to come back and paint in the living room and kitchen, and then he'll be done until after Lauren visits and he can do the closet. I really wish some of the windows weren't permanently closed ones, but at least most of them can open. And I need to ask about new shades or curtains after the windows are done. I like my privacy.)

Rose called me last night, but I had my cell phone turned off and missed it. Called her back this afternoon, right after work. She invited me to eat Easter leftovers with her, Khai, and Finley. No problem! I only had leftovers of my own planned for dinner. We had ham, potato salad, and a green bean and tomato salad that apparently is a specialty of Craig's and is delicious. Rose, Finley, and I shared pineapple upside-down cake for dessert. Khai wasn't feeling well and went to his room and his new loft bed as soon as he could, but he did like the Pokemon figure I gave him. Rose loved her gift card to Target, too. She gave me a 25 dollar gift card to Applebee's. Finley has a cool new bed too, a white loft bed with a very slippery slide to ride down. I got to watch her mother give her a bath before we settled in to watch the first How to Train Your Dragon movie for a while.

Returned to Rick Steves after I got in. The episodes about Berlin fascinate me. Like Prague, this is one of the few episodes where I can actually claim to have lived through some of the history depicted. I remember watching people tear the Berlin Wall down on my little black-and-white Zenith TV in 1989. Berlin has exploded as a cosmopolitan center since the Cold War ended and the two sides of Germany were unified. It does respect it's past, though, including a touching Holocaust Memorial Monnument and the excavated ruins of Germany Nazi underground bunkers.

Finished the night with the 1943 Alice Faye vehicle Hello, Frisco, Hello, which I go into in more detail on my Musical Dreams Movies Reviews blog.

Hello, Frisco, Hello

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