Thursday, April 11, 2019

Springtime In Audubon

Sleeping in this morning really helped my cold. While I was still sniffling and coughing up lungs, I wasn't nearly as tired. Ran an episode of Sailor Moon as I ate breakfast. "Usagi Learns Her Lesson: Being a Star Is Hard Work" has her and Naru trying to develop their singing act in order to join a talent show and become big stars. After they quarrel, Usagi considers getting Luna to do tricks before giving up on the idea of being famous. It may be one of the smartest things she ever did. She and Luna discover there's something very disturbing going on behind the scenes...and it may be a Negaverse plot to get energy.

Actually felt up to working on my story for an hour and a half today. Harris leads the Shadow Soldiers' black Thunderbirds on a merry chase down highways and back streets, to the annoyance of his passengers. He knocks them out with oil and simply by outrunning them before turning on his "turbo" engine and speeding off.

Broke for a banana-coffee yogurt smoothie lunch at 12:30. Ami Mizuno, aka Sailor Mercury, is introduced in "The Girl Genius Is a Monster: The Brainwashing Cram School of Horror." Actually, Ami, the smartest girl in Usagi's school, isn't the monster here. She only goes to the school. Usagi and Luna mistake her for the monster when they find a disc with programming that brainwashes people into giving up their energy. But gentle Ami turns out to be more friend than foe...and she's especially helpful with the real Negaverse monster.

Headed out to work shortly after the cartoon ended. It was really boring. There were at least two other baggers on when I arrived; a third came in an hour before I left. Except for the 15 minutes I got stuck going in for a cashier's break, I spent the entire day shelving candy, gathering baskets, and doing what few returns there were. We were mostly dead the entire afternoon, and I had no major problems.

Put on some Backyardigans to liven things up as I ate leftovers for dinner. Uniqua has "Flower Power" when she pricks her finger on a thorn and become's Garden City's newest superhero. Gloom Meister Austin is determined to rain on her parade and keep everything in town dark and dreary.

Spent the next few hours playing Kirby's Epic Yarn. Snow Land is a bit more complicated than the previous worlds. Kirby slides on the icy platforms and is occasionally hard to control. I am terrible at the ability here, snowboarding. I just can't figure out how to jump and turn and keep the momentum going. I must have played that round 30 times before I finally gave up and moved on. I did fine elsewhere, picking up the extra patches and only missing the music disc in the bonus car race round. (Although I did have to do the Christmas-themed bonus round twice to get the music disc there.)

Finished the night with April In Paris. I cover this frothy romantic comedy vehicle for Doris Day and Ray Bolger at my Musical Dreams Movie Reviews blog.

April In Paris 

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