Saturday, April 06, 2019

Let Me Be Your Wings

Started off a sunny morning with more Smallville as I ate breakfast and got ready for work. Lex is "Bound" by a young woman who he finds dead in his bed after making love with her. He's the prime suspect, but Clark doesn't think he's guilty. He and Chloe set out to find who the real murderer is. Meanwhile, Lana meets Jason's mother Genevieve...and wonders if she may have seen her in Paris when she got her tattoo.

It was a gorgeous, sunny late morning when I headed off to work. We were on-and-off busy, especially around noon. I mostly shelved candy, returned cold items, and gathered baskets, but I did end up in the register for about a half-hour. One of the cashiers called out, and that was when the lines were at their worst.

Needed a few things after work. Rose's birthday is tomorrow. I picked her up a card and a gift card for Target. Forgot crushed pineapple yesterday. I was going to get sugar, but I finally decided I can get that cheaper elsewhere.

Went straight home after that and on the computer. Harris has a close encounter with "Greedy" Grenwich, a bounty hunter. He tells him that local kingpin Jake Hunter wants the money from his drug shipment, and he wants it last week. Harris shoots him (or he shoots first, whichever you prefer) before he can do any damage.

Broke for dinner at 6:30. I forgot that the pesto-chicken-tomato bake also needed potatoes. I used the last of the broccoli and cauliflower bag instead. It still tasted pretty good, and probably had more vitamins and minerals.

Did a few more Smallville episodes while I worked and ate. Clark has a "Scare" when a toxic cloud of gas accidentally unleashed by LuthorCorp gives anyone infected by it nightmares about their greatest fear coming true before they fall into a coma. There is a cure, but it hasn't been tested yet...but Clark intends to make sure that it works, especially since Chloe, Lana, and his parents are among the victims.

Alicia Baker, a girl who can pop in and out via kryptonite, had once tried to kill Clark. Now she's back in town, and she actually has feelings for him. The Kents think their relationship is "Unsafe," but Clark has feelings for her...even after she uses red kryptonite on him to force him to marry her.

Returned to Kirby's Epic Yarn after dinner. Did the first few rounds of Treat Land tonight. They took much longer than I expected. The third round with the cookie wheels proved to be so difficult, I missed the items the first time around and had to do it twice. I'll hopefully finish the round next time.

Ended the night with the 1994 Don Bluth movie Thumbelina. I go more into this strange animated fantasy at my Musical Dreams Movie Reviews blog.


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