Wednesday, February 24, 2021

A Hint of Spring In the Air

Was reading the Connie Blair book The Clue In Blue in bed when my cell phone went off. Mrs. Stahl finally called back. Seems she left messages last summer, but I've never really figured out my voicemail on my cell phones. She's not yet taking people face-to-face. She mentioned Skype chats and video conferences, but I've never done anything like those before. I think I'd be fine with a phone call.

Finally had breakfast around 11. Watched Daniel Tiger's Neighborhood while I ate. As a stuffed animal collector who does feel better when she gives her teddy bears a hug, I can very much relate to "Daniel Loves Tigey!" Daniel's upset when his favorite stuffed animal has to be washed, but his parents help him find a way to feel better, including taking Tigey in the tub for his bath. "Daniel Needs Tigey at School" when his parents go away and he misses them. He doesn't like it when Prince Wednesday gets in his face a bit too much, either, or when Tigey gets lost.

Switched to a couple of Bluey episodes as I cleaned up from breakfast. Bingo's in a "Bad Mood" when her mother calls her cheeky. She rides her father, who plays her literal "bad mood" and rampages all over the house. Bluey has to think of her sister's favorite activities to calm her down. Bluey's cousin Muffin was told she's "the most special kid in the world," but now she won't follow Bluey's rules in her play "Library." Muffin's dad explains that being special doesn't mean you don't follow the same rules as everyone else.

I've wanted to rearrange my DVDs for a long time. For one thing, I finally got around to buying the remaining Addie Mills films and needed to put those in the Christmas binder and the holiday programming disc holder. There's other movies I bought recently, too, like The Ice Pirates, Rio Rita, and Once Upon a Brothers' Grimm, that were never properly organized. Some titles were thrown in helter-skelter when I moved. The Harry Potter movies I got from Jodie had to be added to the action and fantasy films, too. 

Put on Match Game '78 while I worked. Jack Klugman returns to the show for the first time since 1973...but by this point, he and Brett Somers had (maybe) been divorced for at least a year. They prove why their marriage hit the skids when they get into a noisy argument over whether "Hallmark Hall of Fame" is a valid answer for the Audience Match. Jack complains in the next episode that the panelists don't get parting gifts the way the contestants do. Gene and the staff pacify him with a Match Game t-shirt.

Switched to It's a Living at Tubi while finishing with the DVDs. "Cassie's Cowboy" is a handsome millionaire who owns half the businesses in Texas. Nancy switches Cassie to dealing with his table...and he's so thrilled with her that he buys the restaurant out in order to have a date with her. Cassie does enjoy his gifts and taking her on trips, but she's also dumping her waitressing duties on the other women in order to spend weekends with him. When something important comes up for Jan, Cassie has to finally learn how to say "no" to her pushy cowpoke. Meanwhile, Dot bemoans losing the opportunity to wait on that cowboy after Nancy replaced her with Cassie.

Headed out after I finished with the organizing and quickly put my eBay order (the original cast album for the musical Sugar) on the front stoop. I initially planned on spending most of the week inside, reading and sleeping...but it was too nice today to hang out indoors! It was so warm by 1:30, I wore my jean jacket without being the least bit cold. Any snow in sunny places was already long-gone by the time I got outside. Even the snow in the shade was disappearing, though not as fast.

First stop was Dollar General. I mainly needed sugar. It's a lot cheaper there than at the Acme. Bought a shower curtain, but got rid of it when I realized how clear it was. Even though I live alone, I'd rather have some privacy when I type. Grabbed a bottle of flavored water and my favorite pecan log for a treat.

Since Newton Lake Park is two blocks from Dollar General, I strolled that way next. They have some kind of project going on in the parking lot and the field where I watch the fireworks on the Fourth of July. It's all fenced off; I'm guessing it's part of the big lake dredging project the county's been doing. 

Not only was the playground open, I was surprised to see it was empty. You'd think every family with young kids in Parkview Apartments across the street would have been there! I had it totally to myself. Enjoyed sliding slowly across the balance beam, climbing up the jungle gym, and slipping down the super-fast and bumpy roller slide and the super-slow (but much higher) plastic and metal slide. 

There were more people out for strolls down where the path passes across the street from Collingswood High School. Unlike the creek by my apartment, Newton Lake was still mostly frozen. The ice was so hard, ducks and Canadian geese hiked across it as I passed over the concrete bridge. Headed home down Bettlewood Avenue, past the Post Office and Baptist Church and back around to Dollar General. Headed across the street just as a teacher lead her charges out of the daycare on the White Horse Pike.

Put on Super Password as I put everything away and got organized. It was all about the men today. Richard Kline of Three's Company not only lead his contestant to victory in the Super Password bonus round, but he won them two Ca$hword mini-games, too. Soap opera stars William Gray Espy and Janice Lynde were the big winners on Tattletales today, just barely beating long-married Scoey and Claire Mitchilll and then-dating Bill Macy and Samantha Harper.

Whammies flew fast and furious throughout Press Your Luck as I finished up my banana-berry almond milk smoothie for lunch. The one lady and the other guy kept hitting Whammies and were ultimately knocked out of the game. The champ played until he hit a Hawaiian vacation, then did one of the most sensible things I've ever seen on this show and stopped playing in order to retire undefeated. 

Worked on writing for a little while after the show. Gene tells Governor Goodson he not only intends to keep his fancy desk and expensive cufflinks, but he's keep his ship the SS Todman as a replacement for the destroyed Marauder and Concentration, too. He and the others finally give Goodson enough provisions to make it back to the Jersey Shore before letting Robert Walden row him to Cape Island (now Cape May). 

Broke for dinner at 6:30. Had leftovers while watching Match Game '74. Brett wasn't too happy tonight when Richard ate the apple an audience member gave her! She consoled herself by teasing Charles about the hole in his sweater and his eating on camera. 

Started making Lime Cookies by the time Match Game PM was on. The premiere of the night time show's third season started off with Gene asking jokes about what a big girl had on the back of her pants. After Dick Martin, Brett Somers, and Charles Nelson Reilly matched the contestant, they all "played cards" in the second round. For once, Richard Dawson made the mistake in the Head-to-Head when he heard Gene ask the question wrong.

Sale of the Century was another close one. The guy bought the first Instant Bargain and the Instant Cash; the ladies won the Fame Games. He pulled ahead in the second half and won the Speed Round decisively. Didn't have as much luck with the Bonus Round money, though.

Finished the night on Disney Plus after a shower. The original Muppet Show debuted on the streaming service last week, including the never-on-DVD seasons four and five. Went with three episodes from season 4 tonight. Liza Minelli turned up in a film noir spoof with Kermit as a private eye that included her singing "Copacabana" with two huge monster Muppets. Johnathan Winters witnesses even more stranger goings-on than usual between his usual impressions, thanks to a gypsy's curse. Carol Channing and Miss Piggy duet on her best-known number "Diamonds are a Girl's Best Friend," despite Piggy having sore feet from too-small shoes that Kermit claims to think are cute. 

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