Thursday, February 11, 2021

Let It Snow a Little

The snow had long ended by the time I was up and about. Once again, it really hadn't done much. The streets and un-shoveled sidewalks were a little messy at 9 AM, but that was it. Once the plow came through, the street wasn't even bad. 

Put on Winnie the Pooh: A Valentine for You while eating breakfast. Pooh and the 100 Acres Woods gang are upset when they see Christopher Robin writing a valentine for a girl he likes. Convinced he loves her more than them, Owl tells them that only the Smitten bug will cure him. Christopher Robin finally reminds them that people always keep a place open for old and new friends in their hearts.

Did some writing after breakfast. While Laurie convinces her husband to join the pirates, Gene confronts Goodson. Goodson is not amused and doesn't think much of his brandishing swords in his face. He thinks even less of the Nartz brothers trying to attack him. He has his own ace up his sleeve...

Broke to pack for work and start heading out at 11. Watched "Un-Valentine's Day," the Valentine's episode of The New Adventures of Winnie the Pooh, while I bustled around. Rabbit cancels Valentine's Day in order to stem the flood of unwanted paper valentines everyone received the year before. That works about as well as his canceling Thanksgiving and Easter did...which is to say, it doesn't. Someone leaves a pot of honey with a Valentine's card on Pooh's front door. Pooh thinks it's one of the others, which eventually leads to cakes flying everywhere and Rabbit putting on a play about love for Christopher Robin. But who did give Pooh the original pot of honey?

Rabbit also has problems in "The Three Little Piglets." They're trying to tell the story of The Three Little Pigs, but Pooh keeps inserting honey, and Tigger keeps changing the story. Rabbit's not happy when he's stuck playing The Big, Bad Bunny!

Headed out early, just in case I had trouble getting a ride. I got a ride in less than 10 minutes going to work and going home, and it was smooth sailing both times. By noon, the snow was long gone and the roads were totally clear. I'm not sure we even got two inches of snow this time. 

Work was no problem whatsoever, especially after yesterday. We weren't really that busy. I'm guessing everyone got their jitters out before the last couple of storms, or they're all waiting for the holiday weekend. Had plenty of help all day, inside and out. Swept inside once, then left it to the inside baggers and rounded up carts and did the trash and recycling for the rest of the evening.

Actually got home in time for the second half of Match Game PM. Lovely CHIPs cop Brianne Leary and handsome Lou Grant reporter Robert Walden return for jokes about what the desert prospector does to a cactus in the heat and what picture Bernie the Super Salesman sold Brett. (Hint - she was divorced from him by 1979.) 

The champ dominated Sale of the Century full-stop tonight. No one got close to her. She bought one Instant Bargain, won all three Fame Games, and killed at the Speed Round. She got the Bonus Round with three seconds to spare, even after missing a puzzle.

Finished out the night online with Mulan II. I go further into the direct-to-home-media sequel to Disney's Chinese-set feminist action tale at my Musical Dreams Movie Reviews blog.

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