Friday, February 12, 2021

Everyone's Kung-Fu Fighting

Kicked off a gray morning with breakfast and Blockbusters. The new champs were a pair of twin brothers; came in just as they were defeating a young woman. They didn't have quite as much luck with the Gold Run round, getting five questions right. They were playing a solo gentleman when the show ended.

Called Mom after I ate. She sent me a cute Valentine's Day card yesterday with glittery heart faces on it. Caught her at home. She's fine. Took the winter off from her job as a ticket-taker at the Cape May-Lewes Ferry, but she'll be returning in early March. Spent the storms last week the same way I did - at home, watching movies or doing projects. She's working on turning six-year-old Lilah's old t-shirt and leggings into outfits for her 18-inch My Life As doll. 

Headed out shortly after getting off the phone. The day remained dark, gloomy, and very cold. Thankfully, it still wasn't windy or as cold as it could have been. The cold did clear out the laundromat. I ignored the bleating about politicians on the TV as I quickly tossed my laundry load in the smallest washer.

Took one last look at The House of Fun before they move to Barrington starting the 15th. (Which...I have no idea why they're moving that far. They'll have to compete with the Antique Center and several other antique stores up there. I figured they were going to Audubon or further down to West Collingswood, where there's less competition.) At any rate, I did manage to find The Story of Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom on LP, still in its original shrink wrap. 

After I dropped my clothes in a dryer, I strolled across the street. I originally wanted to treat myself to Dunkin' Donuts, but their inside area was closed. (There was a long line for the take-out window, though.) Ended up at WaWa, where I grabbed a simple hot chocolate and a heart-shaped cream donut.

Walked home, then threw on Kung Fu Panda while putting everything away and reading over old journals in my bedroom. Mom mentioned these are some of her favorite movies, and I thought the first one was appropriate for Chinese New Year. Po (Jack Black) is a food-loving panda in old China who is obsessed with Kung Fu. He works for his father Ping's (James Hong) noodle shop, but what he really wants to do is join the Furious Five, the protectors of the Valley of Peace. 

One day, Master Oogway (Randall Duk Kim) announces he'll choose the legendary Dragon Warrior who is destined to save the valley from the vengeful Tai Lung (Ian McShane). Desperate to see his heroes in action, Po accidentally ends up in their arena and ends up being chosen. No one thinks he can do Kung Fu, least of all his teacher Shifu (Dustin Hoffman). It'll take Tai Lung breaking out of prison and Shifu figuring out how to motivate Po to learn to show everyone that the real magical ingredient to achieving your dreams is in your heart. 

I agree with Mom. This is by far my favorite Dreamworks series and movie, even more than How to Train Your Dragon. Jack Black isn't always easy to tolerate, but he's a blast here as the rolly-polly panda whose soft body hides a huge heart and strong determination. Hoffman also does well as his teacher who thinks he knows everything about the martial arts...until he realizes that students can come in all shapes and sizes. The animation is awesome, too, colorful and flowing with its many different styles.

If you're a fan of Black, Dreamworks, or martial arts movies, or you have kids who are, this is an absolute must-check out.

Finished in time for the second half of Tattletales. We had a three-way tie between long-married Scoey and Claire Mitchilll and Ruth and Milton Berle and then-dating Glenn Ford and Cynthia Hayward. Press Your Luck started out quietly, with one Whammy and everyone picking up some money. Things got a lot more complicated in the second round. In the end, both women hit Whammies, leaving the guy to win a trip to Hawaii.

Worked on writing for a while when the show ended. Gene sends the others after Goodson's crew, while Jack Narz goes after Goodson and he takes on Richard. Richard doesn't want to fight with Gene, but his former boss hasn't forgiven him for throwing him over for Goodson. Richard doesn't want to work for anyone - not Goodson, not Gene. He wants to be in charge...but he also doesn't want to hurt Gene anymore...

Broke for dinner at 6:30. Made chicken stir fry while watching Match Game '74. Fannie gets teased about her spelling of "Bald Eagle" in the Head-to-Head, while the others joke about Gene hiding in the opening. Goofy Jon "Bowser" Bauman, sweet Lorrie Mahffery of Happy Days, and Gary Crosby look on as Betty White and Gene Rayburn shows off their bodies to a student studying the human one on Match Game PM

Sale of the Century was the most tense episode they'd had in a while. This time, no one was ever too far ahead. The one guy was a former champ who returned on a technicality. Everyone won a Fame Game. The champ bought one Instant Bargain and the Instant Cash; the guy took a trip to Colorado. In the end, the other lady pulled ahead in the Speed Round and won the money with time to spare in the Bonus Round.

Finished the night online with Valentine's Day episodes and specials. The Valentine's Day episode of Sheriff Callie's Wild West is also the series finale. It's "The Heartless Valentine's Day" when bandits steal everyone's Valentine's cards. While Callie and Peck chase them, Farmer Stinky figures out a way to give the whole town a Valentine. Female pig miners feud with Dusty and Dirty Dan over a huge gold nugget. They think it's "Mine All Mine," but Callie and Peck ends up teaching them that it's better to share.

Smurfette is tired of cutting out valentines for every Smurf in town in The Smurfs' Valentine. She dreams of finding her Prince Smurfing and writes to Cupid to help her do it. Meanwhile, an evil witch wants Gargamel's cat Azreal to help her make a wish during an eclipse that'll eliminate all love from the world!

The Bernstein Bears ' Comic Valentine has Brother Bear throwing himself into hockey season...until he gets a series of valentines from a "secret admirer." Brother's not crazy about the idea at first, but Sister thinks it's terribly romantic. Brother's mind is on pretty Charlene and the big game with the Beartown Bullies and their huge goalie. Meanwhile, Papa goes to great lengths to show his love for Mama. Mama, as usual, reminds him that the best way to show love is through small moments, not big gestures. 

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