Tuesday, February 23, 2021

Sisters and Sunshine

Began a cloudy morning with breakfast and the second half of Blockbusters. By the time I joined in, the guy was playing a sister pair. They were just working on the second round when the show ended.

Switched to Mickey Mouse Mixed Up Adventures while doing the dishes. Goofy's little goat friend Buddy McBilly insists that "It's a Hap-Hap-Happy Hot Dog Hills" and tries to make everyone around him happy. When his efforts only seem to make things worse, Goofy reminds Buddy that negative emotions can be just as useful as positive ones, as long as we don't dwell in them. Minnie and Daisy celebrate their "Happy Friend-aversary" with Cuckoo-Loca by setting up a surprise party for her and recalling how they all met.

Made the bed while Sheriff Callie's Wild West ran. "How the Water Was Won" has a pair of nasty beavers damming up the creek that's the main water source for Nice and Friendly Corners. They try to blackmail Callie into giving up the gold in the bank in order to get the water back. It's up to Toby, Deputy Peck, and shy Mr. Dillo the Armadillo to save Callie and get rid of the dam. It's "Double Trouble" when Tricky Travis dresses as the scary bandit Wildcat McGraw in order to rob banks. Wildcat thinks he really is his double and insists on being his partner, prompting Travis' real partner Oswald to turn to Callie to rescue his friend. 

Moved on to Match Game '78 while making Vanilla Buttercream Icing for the chocolate cake from last night and tidying up the apartment. Gene kicked off the first episode with a dash around the audience that left him so breathless, he couldn't even interview the contestants! He recovered in time for jokes about "The Old Philosopher," complete with the appropriate old-timey music, in the next epsiode.

Jessa finally picked me up around 1:30. By this point, the clouds were long gone, the sun was out, and it turned into a gorgeous, warm day. It was the perfect day to enjoy pizza and fountain sodas at the picnic tables on West Clinton. In honor of her birthday last week, I treated her to two slices of pepperoni pizza and a cup of lemonade; I had a slice of margarita, a slice of cheese, and Pepsi. We enjoyed a quiet meal in the windy late-winter sunshine, chatting and listening to the college kids coming out of the coffee shop.

Headed back at 2 and spent the rest of the afternoon and evening talking to Jess. Most of our chat was of a very personal nature. I know she's been upset with Jodie and how she's handled clearing out the house and Dad's things for a while. I like Jodie and I don't envy the task she has, but I agree with Jessa that she should have been more careful with asking us if there were things we wanted, instead of randomly deciding that "this should go to them" or "that should go to her"...like the huge dish set that was too big for me and the family photos that only half the family got to see. Jessa was adopted from China. Dad was all the family she had left.

We also discussed my difficulties looking for a job. She's an artist who hasn't had much more luck than I have plying her trade. Although she's been pairing back her social media of late, she still suggested I check out LinkedIn for writing jobs. I do have an account there. I just haven't had the time or motivation to check them out since last year. It's so hard for me to job hunt! I see a job that interests me and read that they want more experience or skills than I have, or I won't know what to say on proposals. I have a hard time selling myself. It's why I don't do more with Facebook or other social media accounts. 

We talked for so long, it was quarter after 6 when she finally headed out. Had a very quick leftover dinner while watching Match Game '74. Gene made another goofy entrance in beginning of this one, climbing through his doors, spitting out water, and claiming he swam to work! The rest of the episode was no less insane. For the second day in a row, they started a question over, this time because Robert Morse revealed his answer too early. 

Penny Marshall turned up in the ingĂ©nue seat in the next episode, two years before Laverne & Shirley. She seemed really nervous and didn't play terribly well. Like Julie London, she was apparently pretty shy. I'm not sure she knew what to think of the nuttiness from the rest of the panel, including Orson Bean and Betty White. Meanwhile, Brett complained that someone swiped her left-handed marker (she being left-handed). 

Did some writing when I went online. Gene finally corrals Governor Mark Goodson as the others dump his men overboard. Goodson assumes he'll be tossed in the Atlantic as well, but Gene decides to spare him. He lets Robert Walden row him to shore and ask him all the questions for his article he wants instead...which makes Goodson a lot more nervous than ending up wet!

Ended the night at Crackle with St. Louis Blues. I go further into this biography of "Father of the Blues" WC Handy featuring Nat King Cole and Eartha Kitt at my Musical Dreams Movie Reviews blog.

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