Wednesday, February 03, 2021

What's My Snow?

Began a cloudy day with breakfast and To Tell the Truth. Gary Moore began by introducing Girl Scouts of various ages and their titles. This lead into their leaders, the head of the Girl Scouts in 1973. I went with chatty #1. Bill was the only one who chose #2...and he turned out to be right. The panel did better with three teen boys who claimed to be jewelry designers. (Their huge amethyst necklace and filigree miniature bike certainly caught Kitty Carlisle's eye; Bill Cullen praised their work, too.) I went with number 2. Most of the panel said #3, the most solemn of the trio...and they were very right.

Let What's My Line? run as I changed and got organized. Alan Alda and model Ruta Lee were on fire with their answers in this episode. Alda guessed almost immediately that a lady was the head of the Connecticut Boxing Association. Lee and Alda also caught on pretty quickly that a girl named Michael made an alarm for bicycles. (Why didn't I know about those two and a half years ago?) Alda and Soupy Sales demonstrated how the lock worked by trying to steal a bike it was attached to. Alda taking the bike off-stage very slowly. Soupy made the mistake of sitting directly on the bike, which did set off the alarm.

Made the mistake of letting my phone update, which it took a lot longer to do than I thought. I used the time to write out my rent for Jodie. When it did finally finished, I called Uber...and it took even longer to get a driver. With all of that, to my embarrassment, I ended up being a half-hour late.

Thankfully, nothing else went badly. I spent almost the entire day outside rounding up carts. We had an unexpected snow shower in the middle of the afternoon, but by rush hour, the snow was long gone and the sun emerged. It was a lot busier than I expected. It's still the beginning of the month, and people may have been restocking after the storm, too. Thankfully, I had help later from a new bagger (who gave me a wonderful compliment, saying I looked like I was ten years younger than I am). 

To my frustration, it took forever to get an Uber going home, too. The Black Horse Pike, the roads in Oaklyn, and most of the Acme parking lot are clear, but other places may not have plowed or been able to plow yet. Took them 20 minutes to arrive. At least, once I did catch a car, the rides were smooth both ways, and the lady who drove me home was pleasant and chatty.

Watched Card Sharks when I got home and had a snack. The lady from yesterday was defeated by the Scottish gentleman with the beard and the thick brogue. He did well on the Money Cards bonus round...until he hit a double on the last line and went bust. He kept hitting two of the same number on the next game, too. 

Worked on writing for a while. Gene and the others push Goodson upstairs. His men have Charles bound and ready to toss overboard (or be manhandled), while Gary screams and curses as loudly as he can. Richard addresses the sailors, claiming he has broken the will of the pirates, and that Goodson authorized him to deal with Captain Rayburn's crew...

Broke for leftovers at 6:30. Dr. Joyce Brothers made her first appearance on Match Game '74 as she tried to figure out some of the weirder answers from Orson Bean, Betty White, and the regulars. Tonight's Match Game PM also got crazy as a bearded Bill Daily shed his suit vest (which ended up on Lee Merriweather) and Patti Deustch did not play through a haze of ginger bangs. 

Sale of the Century ended their Varsity Week on a high note as a young athlete who played at least three different sports beat a swimmer and a volleyball player. He just missed the Bonus Round money...but ended up hitting the right number on the Fame Game board and won the jeep and a trip to the 1988 Seoul Summer Olympics.

Finished the night online after a shower. Charlie's Angels become "Disco Angels" in the third season. Three older men are discovered strangled hours after they each visited a certain dance club. Kris goes undercover as a dance teacher, Sabrina as a reporter doing an article on the disco scene, and Kelly as a groupie to figure out who has it in for the elderly men.

Barney Miller also has trouble with the elderly in the third season episode "Community Relations." Poor Wojo is about to have a heart attack when an aggressive lawyer tries to get a more forceful testimony out of him. Meanwhile, Fish, Barney, and the others deal with a blind shoplifter and an aging veteran who is being forced out of his tenement home by the owner, who wants to demolish it. The officers have to find a way to make everyone happy...including Wojo's fast-talking lawyer. 

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