Tuesday, February 02, 2021

The Road to Winter

Kicked off another silvery snowy morning with breakfast and the tail-end of Blockbusters.  I came in as the father-in-law-son-in-law pair were taking on a young and pretty teacher. She just won her first round as the episode ended. 

(Incidentally, it was snowing when I awoke this morning, but that ended shortly after I rolled out of bed. It would mostly just be cloudy and cold for the rest of the day.)

Celebrated Groundhog Day (and Phil likely not seeing his shadow) as I cleaned up from breakfast with the Rankin-Bass fantasy Jack Frost. I go further into this 1979 celebration of several winter holidays at this entry from last Groundhog's Day at my Musical Dreams Movie Reviews blog.

Switched to Match Game '75 as I did a few chores around the apartment I put off over the past month, like gluing soles and heels back on two doll shoes and taking out the new "record" coasters Rose gave me for Christmas. I tried to get the photos off my old cell phone, but the phone kept crashing and just would not refill on my computer. The panelists did better than I did, handling a nervous contestant's very strange answer very well. In the next episode, Richard got a look-a-like dummy from an audience member he treated as well as he did his own sons. 

Spent an hour after that trying to get a movie on. Tried the MS3K episode Jack Frost twice, but the Roku reset both times. Ended up with Road to Utopia on DVD. In this one, Bing and Bob are a pair of vaudevillians who end up in Alaska after stealing the map to a secret gold mine from two suspected killers. It really belongs to local belle Skagway Sal (Dorothy Lamour), but saloon owner Ace Larson (Douglas Dumbrille) is after it, too. The duo keep falling for Sal, who, along with Larson's cohort Katie (Hilary Brooke) leads them across the Klondike and back again as they encounter talking wildlife and try to avoid the real Sperry and McGurk.

The only Road to movie set in a cold climate is also the closest this franchise came to spoofing western clichés. I have no idea what Robert Benchley and his annoying narration were doing there; he cuts in at the worst times. Bing and Bob have a couple of good gags, especially going after Sal, and Lamour has her own fun flitting between the two. Not the first Road movie I'd start with, but fun for fans of this wacky series. 

Cleaned the apartment while the movie ran. Scrubbed the bathroom and the kitchen, both of which needed it badly. Got to the vacuuming and Swifter-ing, too. 

Switched to Press Your Luck as I made peanut butter cookies. Things went a lot better today than they did yesterday for pretty much everyone. The one guy kept hitting Whammies and didn't have many turns to begin with, but the ladies both amassed a tidy sum. The second lady barely won the game after hitting her only prize, a trip to San Diego. 

Let the late 70's Card Sharks run as I pulled the cookies out of the oven. A kindly great-grandmother didn't do so well at the Money Cards as the show began. She was defeated by a much-younger woman who had returned to the show on a technicality and claimed she was about to become a grandmother herself.

Worked on writing after the show ended. Gene finally points his sword at Goodson and tells him to take them upstairs and stop his men from throwing Charles overboard. Reporter Robert Walden is more interested in getting a scoop from the dapper governor on corruption in the Navy. 

Returned to Match Game '74 as I made Arroz Con Pollo - chicken legs in a tomato-rice-vegetable skillet casserole - for dinner. Alejandro Ray is delighted when one of his own countrywomen is a contestant on the show, even though she doesn't last long. Match Game PM welcomed beloved puppets Kulka and Ollie as Eva Gabor helped a sweet young woman try to win 20,000. 

Varsity Week continues on Sale of the Century. Tonight, we had a close competition between a girl swimmer and two cheerleaders, one male, one female. The female cheerleader bought both Instant Bargains and dominated the Speed Round. Like the boy yesterday, she won the Bonus Round money with time to spare. 

(And mixed feelings on the Arroz Con Pollo. The chicken came out moist and flavorful - browning actually did help there - but the brown rice I have here never did cook all the way. Next time, I'll either cook this for longer or add more water.)

Finished the night online with Two Tickets to Broadway. Janet Leigh and Tony Martin try for stardom in the new medium of television in this backstage tale from 1951. 

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