Friday, February 19, 2021

Organizing Day at Home

Slept in so long, it was past 11:30 when I finally got out of bed. David "Bosley" Doyle, Nipsey Russell, and Debralee Scott joined Gene, Betty White, and the regulars for Match Game '78. Nipsey joked about sitting in Richard's former seat in the first episode while the others answered the question about what dance Nerdocrumbesians do before sporting events. Gene grumbled about wishing his double-breased suit was a single-breasted in the second.

We were in the midst of a snow-rain mix when I rolled out of bed. I think the rain turned to sleet, then ended by noon. To my knowledge, it hasn't done anything but be cloudy and windy since then. 

Spent the next few hours deciding on ideas for doll trunks. I considered picking up vintage doll trunks on eBay...but I'd need five of them. They're cheaper than the ultra-expensive American Girl trunks, but not that cheap, and most of them need extensive restoration. Samantha and Whitney's boxes are still in good shape and will do fine as their "trunks." Most of the unfinished wooden trunks with tops I saw online were too small for their clothes and accessories. I've come to the conclusion that maybe I'd be better off using boxes for all of them. I could get the boxes at work and wooden dowels, smaller boxes for accessories, and decorative paper and ribbon anywhere.

Broke at 3 for a banana smoothie lunch. Robert Walden is still kicking rear on Super Password, getting his guy to the bonus round towards the middle of the episode. They got all but one word right, too. Bill and Samantha and Scoey and Claire shared the big money today on Tattletales, defeating soap star William Espy and his lady Janice Lynde. Press Your Luck got a bit crazier. The champ couldn't get anything going and lost to a sweet and funny older man. He picked up a pool table, a trip, and a lot of money. 

Did a few chores I'd put off while the shows ran. Finally loaded that huge set of dishes Jodie gave me in two boxes and left them in the den for her. It was nice of her, but first of all, the blue and white flowered set totally clashes with the bright green and coral Fiestaware sets I have now. Second, I don't need 8 mugs, 8 dishes, 8 saucers, 8 bowls, a creamer, a platter, and a sugar bowl. They take up way too much room in this tiny apartment, and I rarely have more than one or two people over at a time even when things are normal.

Went through paperwork dropped on the top of the crates I'm using for folders while Press Your Luck was on. It's been so long since I sorted through all that, I found bank statements from last October. Cleared off everything but the paperwork that needs to be looked at sooner than later. 

Worked on writing after the show ended. Goodson is about to send Tom Kennedy and Gene and his crew overboard when he's knocked to the Brett! Brett and the ladies swing in on the sails, while Dick and Dolly Martin bowl over sailors with big rum barrels. Brett frees the Narzes, while Gene and Charles go to help Robert Walden and Gary Burghoff, who are being held back by Goodson's goons.

Checked my schedule while I was online. I do work work on Sunday, but I'll be doing a perfectly normal 6-hour cashiering shift. I'm off from Monday through next Saturday. I don't have an entire week of vacation time left (I used two days last summer before my leave was renewed), but five days and an unpaid day off should be more than enough time for a rest! I'm more concerned about the 8 and 1/2 hour day I have tomorrow than my Sunday shift.

Broke for scrambled eggs and leftovers at 6:30. We're back to the crazy week with Adrienne Barbeau and Robert Morse on Match Game '74. The red-headed male contestant had a thing for Fannie. He kept trying to kiss her and chase her during the Audience Match. Richard had to eventually protect her. Later on, a sweet nervous lady gave Gene a (toy) bear in a cage for good luck. 

Match Game PM got pretty goofy, too, starting with Brett showing off her new black floral dress in the beginning. The British female contestant wore a Match Game PM shirt...and gave some pretty strange answers, too. She did get far enough to hear Scoey Mitchilll's answer what Snow White is feeling and some of the weirder responses to the Audience Match "The Living ___."

Sale of the Century started out close, with everyone buying or winning something. The champ pulled ahead during the second half and stayed ahead, winning the Speed Round by a large margin. This time, she had no trouble with the Bonus Round, either.

Finished the night online with Stage Door. This comedy-drama was on TCM not long ago. I've wanted to see it for years. It's a crash course in advanced sarcasm with Ginger Rogers, Lucile Ball, Eve Arden, and Ann Miller among the women living at an all ladies' theatrical boarding house in New York. Terry Randall (Katherine Hepburn) is a rich newcomer who arrives hoping to find a career on the stage. She eventually lands the role that had been written for and about Kay Hamilton (Andrea Leeds), who had a major success in a play the year before but hasn't found work since. She doesn't do well with it, until Kay gives her advice. When Kay's gone, Terry devotes herself to putting in the best possible performance with the most passion she can, in honor of her lost friend.

See it for the cast throwing off largely improvised one-liners all over the place. Rogers, Ball, and Arden in particular have a great time. Hepburn has her own fun telling off the producer (Adolph Menjou) who won't see Kay and is putting the moves on her roommate and another women at the boarding house (Gail Patrick). A must-see if you love any of the ladies here, a good non-musical stage story, or an even better dramady. 

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