Sunday, February 07, 2021

Super Snow Bowl

Not for the first time recently, I awoke to a white world. Snow drifted down slowly, like a gossamer lace curtain over Hillcrest Avenue. It didn't look nearly as bad as last week's storm, but I wasn't taking chances. I called the Acme and said I wasn't coming in today. I worked 12 to 7. The roads may have been all right now, but I had no idea what they'd be like after nightfall. There was also the Super Bowl to consider. Between that and the weather, it would likely take forever to get an Uber driver - if I could even find one - and I wasn't asking for a ride again after last Sunday.

Puttered around online for a while, then read No Ordinary Sound, the first book for the American Girl character Melody, who lives in Detroit in 1963. Since a lot of her story revolves around the Civil Rights Movement, I figured she was more than appropriate for this month. Wrote in my journal after I did a few chapters.

Broke for breakfast. Listened to the original Broadway cast of Hairspray while I had Chocolate Chip Oatmeal Pancakes and clementines. Marissa Janet Winkour is Tracy, with Harvey Firnstein enjoying his Tony-winning role as her mother Edna Turnblad. There's a few songs relating a subplot about Tracy landing in jail that were cut from the film. After a protest at the TV studio, all of the women end up behind bars, and Amber and her mother make sure Tracy stays there until Link and the kids break her out. "Without Love" reflected this and had to be re-written for the film.

Returned to the computer to get a few things done as the snow came down even harder. My non-driver's ID ends in late March. New Jersey now allows you to renew it online. After I did that, I finally figured out how to transfer the photos from my old phone to my laptop. That allowed me to reset the old phone and clear out my data, so I can deposit it in the cell phone ATM machine at the Acme. 

Had a banana-raspberry smoothie for lunch. Listened to my Tina Turner greatest hits CD Simply the Best while I sipped my drink and the snow fell heavily behind me. I grew up on Tina Turner. Mom loved her and Ike when she was a kid. She bought Tiny Dancer as soon as it came out. Turner was one of the first women besides my mother I remember admiring.

Returned to writing for a while. Gary Burghoff is raging angry with Richard Dawson for his betrayal, to the point where he breaks loose and throws a punch at him. The others have to drag him away, but he does leave Richard with a bloody nose...and the realization of how badly he's lost the others' trust. Laurie spies her husband Anson in the crowd and tries running to him, but the others cut them off. Goodson wants to send the entire crowd overboard...but Gene won't play that game again...

Got off the computer just in time to catch the start of the Super Bowl. Didn't see Jodie at home, so I had my own party. Forgot to take out the chicken I planned on using to top my nachos, so I made vegetarian nachos with blue corn chips, black beans, shredded cheese, tomatoes, scallions, and broccoli. Oh, yum! It came out absolutely perfect, just salty and crisp enough. 

Wish the game was as much fun as the food. The Chiefs just could not get anything going against Tom Brady and the Buccaneers. They got three field goals, one in the first quarter, and that was it. I didn't even recognize the group that played at halftime, some weird, generic pop singer called The Weeknd. The commercials were a little better. Along with the ads for Paramount's new streaming service debuting next month I've been seeing on Paramount-owned Pluto TV, there was an adorable DoorDash Sesame Street commercial and a delightfully goofy Wayne's World reunion.

Finished the night online with sports-related game shows. The granddaddy of them all is Sports Challenge. This syndicated show from the 70's had popular athletes of the time answering trivia questions based around clips from sporting events. I just had to go with the 1972 episode that pit the 1971 Chiefs against the Dolphins. Dick Enberg hosts.

Boardwalk and Baseball's Super Bowl of Sports Trivia is a long-winded name for an ESPN college trivia show filmed at the Coney Island-themed amusement park in Orlando. Same deal here, only it's Chris Berman asking kids from certain colleges the sports questions, without the clips. Alas, neither the show nor the park lasted very long. The show ran until 1989; the park closed in 1990 (though its minor league baseball field existed until 2002). 

Sports Geniuses is another ESPN cousin to Sports Challenge, only with more typical contestants. The earlier syndicated show Grandstand is similar, only with clips and with two family pairs playing each other, rather like Blockbusters. Another ESPN offering, Sports On Tap, switches things up with a more informal sports bar setting and by allowing the guys to bet on who can answer trivia questions. 

Enjoy these sports shows while you recover from the big game! (Look for the original commercials on many of well as for a rather bad tape on Grandstand.)

(Oh, and by the way, the snow finally ended around 3-3:30. We got...probably the advertised 2 to 4 inches. I don't think we got as much as last time, nor did it stick to the ground like it did last week. The roads were slushy enough to make me glad I'd called out, though.)

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